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In the beginning there were no clocks, no watches, no cuckoos... not so much as a wooden stick stuck in the mud to tell the time with a simple shadow. Until one day, the god Xelor took up his Hammhour which shone with the light of timeless infinity. His great hammer fell upon the earth, and made a funny little noise - 'TICK'. Xelor struck once more, and behold, a ringing 'TOCK' resounded and Xelor saw that it was good. Placing the noises in his great satchel for safekeeping, he took some gears and, adding two or three Timemites, the god created the Divine Clock.

Xelor's disciples are created in the image of their god, and like their master, their favorite tactic involves messing about with ticks and tocks. For them, a clock hand packs more punch than the five-fingered kind and time is a lethal weapon - just watch them control the initiative and movement of their enemies.

As patient students of technique, they are often to be seen passing the time with Otomai's Disciples.

Class Spells编辑


Element AirLarge
0Spell Xelor ParchingParching輔助Damage for AP lost
2Spell Xelor ShrivelingShriveling低階攻擊Damage for Ini lost
4Spell Xelor ThreePMThree O'Clock低階攻擊Damage, Teleport Right
7Spell Xelor NineAMNine O'Clock攻擊Damage, Teleport Left
10Spell Xelor SixAMSix O'Clock攻擊/輔助Damage, Teleport Backwards
Element FireLarge
0Spell Xelor HandHand攻擊Damage, -Ini
2Spell Xelor LineOfFireLine of Fire攻擊Line AoE: Damage, -Ini
4Spell Xelor TemporalBurnTemporal Burn攻擊Lose all unused AP: Damage per AP, -Ini
7Spell Xelor TemporalDustTemporal Dust高階攻擊圓形範圍攻擊: 傷害, -Initiative|行動值
10Spell Xelor HydrandHydrand招喚十字範圍攻擊
Element WaterLarge
0Spell Xelor FrostbiteFrostbite攻擊Damage, Demotivate
2Spell Xelor Slow DownSlow Down最低階攻擊Damage, Demotivate
4Spell Xelor XelorsHourglassXelor's Hourglass低階攻擊Damage, Demotivate, Ally: +AP
7Spell Xelor ClockClock高階攻擊Damage, Demotivate
10Spell Xelor SinistroSinistro召喚Removes AP
Element SupportLarge
1Spell Xelor XelorsDialXelor's DialObjectCreate a Dial
Spell Xelor TimeLordMaster of Time被動+Initiative|行動值, +恐嚇 Chance%
3Spell Xelor TimekeeperTimekeeper輔助Stores AP in Dial
Spell Xelor TimeTheftTime Theft被動 Steal AP
4Spell Xelor MummificationMummification輔助Temporarily revive KOed
Spell Xelor TemporalArmorTemporal Armor被動Gain AP if Damaged
5Spell Xelor DevotionDevotionTrade AoE: Motivate, +Ini, End turn
Spell Xelor TemporalWavesTemporal Waves被動Boost Demotivated effects
6Spell Xelor TemporalImagesTemporal Images 幻象 Creates visual decoys
Spell Xelor RollbackRollback被動Spell return cost

Health progression编辑

Xelors start with 47 HP, and gain +5 HP per level.

Play style编辑

  • Archetype: Time wizards, Mechanical clocks, Disabler.
  • Unique features: AP manipulation, Initiative manipulation, Dial
  • Strike power: Good. Area effects and distance damage.
  • Flexibility: Average. Can limit enemies' actions, but at the cost of the Xelor's damage output.
  • Team play: Good. AP bonuses, and spells that can restrict an opponent's damage output.
  • Combat position: Flanking. Their durability is not high, but their attacks can limit the actual attacks output.
  • Good targets: Opponents with a single costly attack.
  • Bad targets: Multiple opponents, or opponents with multiple cheap attacks, or spare AP.

Spell-branch features编辑

  • Air: Damage for AP/ini loss, Teleporting
  • Fire: Damage, and Area effects
  • Water: AP removal.
  • Support: Dial, AP managment, Mummification


File:Xelor DofusMale.png

The Xelor class of Wakfu originated from the first Ankama title Dofus, in which they were a mummified character that controlled time and magic.

However, Ankama has completely redesigned their appearance, so that instead of being a small race, they are now the same height as everyone else. This is in part due to the technologies used to make Wakfu which means all the player models use exactly the same base model.


Preview spells编辑

Ankama previewed a small selection of spells during the initial design period of Wakfu. Though examples of the desired shape of the class, most of these spells didn't make it through to the current version without some alterations.

Icon Name Element Short description
File:Preview TimeRift.jpg Time Rift Ice This spell inflicts considerable Ice-type damage and puts the enemy in the 'Icy Petrification' condition on a Critical Hit. It can only be cast on a Hour cell while being equipped with a Clockhand
File:Preview Midnight.jpg Midnight N/A With this spell, you'll be able to summon a Hour on a cell. It can be cast from anywhere but obeys to the same principle that that of the dial (If the caster is no longer on the control cell and the end of his turn, the hour dissappears.)
File:Preview Hydrand.png Hydrand  ?? This spell will enable you to summon a Hydrand on a Hour Cell. Its special feature beings that it attacks each player at the beginning of their turn. (The more enemies there are in the fight, the longer the Hydrand will stay and gain in power). It can only summoned on a Hour Cell.
File:Preview Dial.jpg Dial N/A This spell with enable you to materialize a glyph in which the Xelor will be able to fight. You must be equipped with a Clockhand to cast it. Warning! If the Xelor isn't in the center of the Glyph at the end of the turn, the latter will disappear.


  • Xelor也名称Xelor's Sandglass"
  • Xelor 往后读是 Rolex, 一个很贵的手表.
  • 北美Server 的名字就是 Nox, 一个Wakfu卡通里的Xelor.