A Boy and his GemilinA Boy and his Gemilin (Inroduction to Incarnam)编辑

No man is an islands...

  • Speak to Pappy Pal
  • Pay the toll the cross the Xyts
  • Head to Souls' Crossing

Life is BeautifulLife is Beautiful (Incarnam's Secrets)编辑

Treasure hunting can be very emotional

  • Open the Zaap chest
    • 打開寶箱
      1. 打開剛進遊戲世界的寶箱。
  • Defeat 5 Wodents in the start zone
    • 在地圖([Incarnam])裡,打敗五隻Wodents。
  • Defeat teh Crazy Lumberjane
  • Work together to open the chest
    • 一起打開寶箱
      1. 先組一位隊友
      2. 在到地圖上的座標(,),兩人同時踩在腳印上,寶箱就會出現。
  • Find more friends for the second chest
  • Find the lost chest
  • Go to Treasure Island
  • Taste Wolfgang's Goobball stew
  • Make Mimi happy
    • 讓Mimi開心
      1. 解完Plant 10 Incarnam Gobball Seeds 在和Mimi講話即可完成。
  • Learn to read
  • Take fighting lessons

Cooking MimiCooking Mimi (Crozolily Meadow)编辑

Super Kano Smash BoulzSuper Kano Smash Boulz (Kanokedo)编辑

Cook up a storm with the inhabitants of Incarnam - just try not to get yourself in a stew!

  • Head over to the Crozolily Meadow
  • Meet the Clan Member of the Ecosystem Zone
  • Give 4 Woolly Legs to Wolfgang
    • 將4個Wolly腿給Wolfgang:
      1. 將Woolly打死後,使用技能,拿取他的腿。
  • Plant 10 Incarnam Gobball Seeds
    • 種十個Gobball Seeds:
      1. 和Wolfram說話,第一個選擇是拿到說明書,第二個選擇開始問問題(相關問題待補),問題答對後,可得到刮羊毛技能,刮完羊毛後,得到Wolly Seed,再將它種到土裡即可完成。
      2. 將十個[[File:Gobball_Seeds.jpg]|Gobball Seeds]]種入土裡。

Mind the StepMind the Step (Souls' Crossing)编辑

There's nothing like falling head over heels for the first time...

  • Leave Incarnam

Incarnam AsylumIncarnam Asylum (Incarnam)编辑

Knowing every nook and cranny of Incarnam, plus each and every one of its stones and Wodents, can drive you insane! Luckily, this is the sort of madness mapmakers thrive on.

  • Complete the introduction
  • Finish the achievement "Cooking Mimi"
  • Finish the achievement "Super Kano Smash Boulz"

UberlordUberlord (Wild Estate)编辑

  • Find the Oiram Passage Chest
  • FInd the Flat Tulin's Cave Chest

Craft StarCraft Star (Amakna's Trade Bridges)编辑

  • Staying away from the battlefield to craft and sell itms might not make you anyone's hero... but it will make you a lot of kamas!
  • Go and see Shosanne
  • Go and see Bakander
  • Go and see Georgiana
  • Find the Crusty Road Zaap
  • Find the Swords Crossing Zaap
  • Find the Traff Algar Square Zaap
  • Use a Marketplace
  • Find the chest in Shika's Reserve
  • Find the chest in the Academy of the Twelve
  • Find the Eyeful Tower Chest
  • Find the chest in the Sparkling Cave
  • Find the Tree of Tales Chest
  • Find the chest in the Mangy Camp

Metal Geetar SolidMetal Geetar Solid (Fertile Prairie)编辑

It is often said that music soothese the savage beast. Nick E. Larsen's music tends to get the Gobballs wound up, though. So much so that some of them even seem to have grown wings!

  • Go and see Nick E. Larsen
  • Visit the Celestial Dungeon
  • Find the chest in the Peaceful Mists

Left 4 BreadLeft 4 Bread (Goballfield Country)编辑

Nation QuestNation Quest: The Howl Encounter编辑

External SonataExternal Sonata (Singing Fields)编辑

Zone of the BeginnersZone of the Beginners (village)编辑

Sin adn PuddlementSin adn Puddlement编辑

Alibert OdysseyAlibert Odyssey (Emelka)编辑

Master MineMaster Mine (holey Forest)编辑

Craft StarPine Craft (Bonta's Trade Bridges)编辑

Justice CauseJustice Cause (Cania Swamps)编辑

Soul CrocoburSoul Crocobur (Cania Swamps)编辑

Kara Dangerous Kara Dangerous (Kara)编辑

Holo 2Holo 2 (Thicket of Youbut)编辑

Craft StarCraft of War (Brakmar's Trade Bridges)编辑

Lonely TripLonely Trip (Mourning Wood)编辑

Grattle GroundGrattle Ground编辑

Sim SidimoteSim Sidimote编辑

Micro GnashvilleMicro Gnashville编辑

Craft StarShore Craft (Sufokia's Trade Bridges)编辑

Dune DegenerationsDune Degenerations编辑

TurfmaniaTurfmania: Canyon编辑

Jungle SpeedJungle Speed编辑

Stream FortressStream Fortress编辑