Profession Trapper

此專業可以從怪物身上採集到物品。當你 捕獸等級增加時,你可以從更多不同種類的怪物身上採集到。



Incarnam - Crozolily Meadow: Wolfram
Amakna - Hugo's Meadow: Hugo Bello
Bonta - Gobello Prairie: Hugh Gobello
Brakmar - Morporg Lands: Mr. M
Sufokia - Tydal Prairie: Hugo Tydal



The Fearless Trapper

This book will teach you the basics of the trapper profession, and not much else.
A trapper can practice his profession on any kind of monster.
However, it is a harvesting profession, not a crafting profession.
Apart from this limitation, if he wants to, a trapper can reintroduce monsters directly into the ecosystem using harvested seeds.

Two things can be harvested from a monster:
-Seeds, from either a living monster or a dead one.
-Resources, from either a living monster or a dead one.
Trappers can also scatter seeds on the ground, causing groups of the monsters in question to appear.
The only limit to this skill is that a seed can only be planted in area where its particular monster family is present.

Harvested skins can be sold to leather dealers and meat can be sold to chefs.

The Fearless Trapper



1.Hm, you seem to have a bit of talent! Let's see if you can keep it up. You might have heard of Boowolves in the sheep pen, but can trappers really reintroduce creatures wherever they feel like it?
Yes, to have more control over the ecosystem
No, only the areas where these creatures are present
That depends on Osmodas' mood.
Yes, especially when it's a full moon...

2.Debbie Crockett would be proud of you! Next question: can a trapper make things with the items he harvests?
No, he can only harvest resources and introduce creatures.
Yes, everything from boots to hats.
Of course, and he can even combine species.
Uhhh... Can I reply Yes and No at the same time?

3.Good, and who can use harvested meats and skins?
Chefs use the meats and skins go to the unfortunate.
Chefs use the meats and Leather dealers use the skins.
Makdo Pull uses the meats, and Lupene Jaguar-Tail uses the skins
No one.


SpecieImgSeedS. LvlImgHarvestH. LvlImgFemale HarvestF. H. LvlImgCorpseC. Lvl
Gobball (Incarnam) 40pxWoolly Seed0 N/A N/A 40pxWoolly Leg0
Gobball 40pxGobball Essence0 40pxGobball Slobber 0 40pxGobbette Milk0 40pxGobball Leg 5
Piwi N/A 40pxPiwi Feather 0 40pxPiwilde eggs0 40pxPiwi Meat 5
Bow Meow N/A 40pxBow Meow Hairs 0 N/A 40pxDead Bow Meow5
Rat N/A 40pxRat-Tattoo Hairs0 N/A 40pxRat Hair10
Tofu 40pxTofu Seed5 40pxTofu Pheromones10 40pxTofu Egg10 40pxTofu Gizzards15
Moogrr 40pxMooggr Seed10 N/A 40pxMoogrr Milk15 40pxMoogrr Filet20
Puddly 40pxPuddly Seed10 N/A N/A N/A
Larva N/A 40pxLarva Mucus20 N/A 40pxLarva Mucus20
Strich 40pxStrich Seed10 40pxStrich Feather15 N/A 40pxStrich Neck20
Scarecrow 40pxScarecrow Seed15 N/A N/A 40pxScary Straw25
Blibli 40pxBlibli Seed15 40pxBlibli Hairs25 40pxGlai Milk25 40pxSnout30
Bellaphone 40pxEssence of Bellaphone15 40pxMixed Herbs25 N/A 40pxBelchmel30
Field Plant 40pxField Plant Seed15 40pxCountry Slobber25 N/A 40pxCountry Root30
Scara 40pxScara Seed15 40pxSip of Sulfur25 N/A 40pxScarapace30
Prespic 40pxPrespic Seed15 40pxPrespic Peak25 N/A 40pxPrespic Paw30
Arachnee 40pxArachnee Essence20 N/A N/A 40pxArachnee Silk40
Treechnid 40pxTreechnid Seed20 40pxTreechnid Sap40 N/A 40pxTreechnid Amber45
Whirligig 40pxWhirly Essence20 40pxWhirly Resin40 N/A 40pxWhirloin Steak45
Amphibian 40pxAmphibion Essence20 40pxToad Slobber35 N/A 40pxToad Slobber35
Moskito 40pxEssence of Moskito20 40pxSucked Blood40 N/A 40px[[]]
Boo 40pxBoo Seed20 N/A N/A 40px[[]]
Crobak 40pxCrobak Essence25 40pxCrow Feather50 40pxCrobak Egg50 40pxCrow Gizzards55
Boowolf 40pxBoowolf Seed25 N/A N/A 40pxBoowolf Steak55
Kralove 40pxKralove Seed30 40px[[]] 40px[[]] 40px[[]]60

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