Sram pose



So what are those Srams hiding behind their mysterious masks? No one really knows what they have been up to since Ogrest's Chaos. One thing's for sure though, they're even sneakier than before!

Srams are assassins and become particularly dangerous when attacking from the rear. They can use their traps to manipulate the playing field.


Sram 職業可用的基本法術的項目包含:

Element 等級圖示法術名稱類型作用
Element FireLarge
0 Sram Spell Cold Blood Cold Blood Cheap Attack Hemorrhage
2 Sram Spell First Blood First Blood Cheap Attack Hemorrhage if first hit
4 Sram Spell Torment Torment -1% of target's missing HP
7 Sram Spell Bled Dry Bled Dry 攻擊 +10% 傷害 if enemy HP under 15%
10 Sram Spell Execution Execution Expensive Attack +4% 傷害 every 10 levels of Hemorrhage
Element WaterLarge
0 Sram Spell Kleptosram Kleptosram Cheap Attack Steals 2 Perception
2 Sram Spell Swindlesram Swindlesram Cheap Attack Steals 5 Lock
4 Sram Spell Bloody Ripoff Bloody Ripoff Cheap Attack Steals 30% of damage inflicted
7 Sram Spell Sramshackle Sramshackle Attack Steals 1 MP if behind
10 Sram Spell Petty Theft Petty Theft Attack Steals 1 AP if behind
Element AirLarge
0 Sram Spell Fear Fear Cheap Attack Push 1 cell, Shadowy Cloak +2
2 Spell Sram TrickyBlow Tricky Blow Attack Moves away 1 cell, Shadowy Cloak +4
4 Sram Spell Forceful Blow Forceful Blow Attack +10% damage from behind, Shadowy Cloak +4
7 Sram Spell Fourberie Deception Cheap Attack Shadowy Cloak +2
10 Sram Spell Trauma Trauma Expensive Attack -1 HP for every 3 levels of Shadowy Cloak, Push 1 cell for every 20 levels of Shadowy Cloak
Element SupportLarge
1 Spell Sram Sidestep Sidestep Cheap Buff +Dodge, +MP
Spell Sram ChokerTrap Choker Trap Trap Sleep, Confusion, -Ini
2 Spell Sram Stealth Stealth Buff Invisible
Spell Sram ChillingTrap Chilling Trap Cheap Trap -Ini, Freeze, -MP
3 Spell Sram Evasion Evasion Cheap Teleport Teleport, +Ini, End Turn
Spell Sram RepulsiveTrap Repulsive Trap Trap Push
4 Spell Sram Spanking Spanking Buff +Damage for Rear Attacks
Spell Sram Fear Fear Push Push, -Will
5 Spell Sram Double Double 召喚 Summons Duplicate of Caster
Spell Sram Diversion Diversion 支援 Look Towards, Confusion

Statistic growth编辑

Sram 起初有 50 HP,並得在每一次升級得到 +6 HP。


  • Role: 殺手、 tactician, 小偷。
  • Strike power: Good from front, excellent from behind.
  • Flexibility: Average. they can choose to either work on offensive power or to save their own skins.
  • Cooperation: Average. Some spells work well in groups, but what they care about most is getting out of there alive!
  • Place in combat : Behind... behind their enemies, that is! You wouldn't think it to look at their skeletal forms, but they have excellent mobility and a large number of diversion techniques.
  • Suitable Targets: Enemies they can finish off quickly and who are separated from their group (for example Tofus, Larvae and Imps)
  • Unsuitable Targets: that doesn't lie down and die after three turns (for example, Drhellers or Boars)


The Sram class, originating from the first Ankama title Dofus, was first introduced as an assasin class with close range and trap attacks. Some of the popular spells amongst the Sram of Dofus included: Mass trap, invisibility, double and lethal attack.

Sram DofusMale

Original Sram class image of Dofus.


Ankama previewed a small selection of spells during the initial design period of Wakfu. Though examples of the desired shape of the class, most of these spells didn't make it through to the current version without some alterations.

Preview PenetratingBlow Penetrating Blow This spell inflicts extremely powerful, thanks to a magic blade that appears on the Sram's fist if he hits his enemy from behind. It inflicts Air-type damage.
Preview HolyTheft Holy Theft Darkness
This spells enables Sram's to inflict Darkness-type damage when attacking and to get a faith point from their target.
Preview Invisibility Invisibility N/A This spell enables Sram's to become invisible immediately. Their invisibility only lasts for couple of turns or until an attack or skill is activated.
Preview VileDaggers Vile Daggers N/A This spell increases the Sram's chance to provoke the "hemorrhage" condition. To casts this spell the Sram must be equipped with daggers.


  • Sram 職業的全名為「Sram's Shadow」
  • Sram spelled backward is Mars, which refers to an inside joke in Ankama concerning the candy bar.