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Many people accuse Sadidas of being tree-huggers, but the truth is worse still! These lazy creatures can't even be bothered to get vertical and stretch their arms around one. They prefer to watch. 'Watch what,' you ask. 'Watch the tree,' they answer.

Since Ogrest's tears rained down upon the World of Twelve, Sadidas have been more dedicated to protecting plants than ever! And though you might think it's a noble deed they do, they won't hesitate in getting very ignoble with anyone who crosses them.

They throw their weight behind protector organizations such as Those Who Walk.

Class spells编辑

The class spells available to members of the Sadida class are:

Element Level Icon Spell Name Type Effect
Element AirLarge
0Spell Sadi WoodScentWoodland StenchAttackDamage, Gives spell to Doll
2Spell Sadi PoisonedWindPoisoned WindCheap AttackInjured, Gives spell to Doll
4Spell Sadi ColdHitSudden ChillCheap AttackNo LoS, Damage, -Resist, Gives spell to Doll
7Spell Sadi KmirK'mirAttackDamage, effects Caster as well, Caster+Target Stabilized, Gives spell to Doll
10Spell Sadi GustGustExpensive AttackCross AoE: Damage, Push, Gives spell to Doll
  Level Icon Spell Name Type Effect
Element EarthLarge
0Spell Sadi BrambleBrambleAttackDamage
2Spell Sadi FertilizerFertilizerAttack/Doll BuffDamage or Doll: +Resist
4Spell Sadi WildGrassWild GrassCheap AttackDamage, Bound, Doll: +MP
7Spell Sadi EarthquakeEarthquakeVery Cheap AttackRandom Circle AoE: Damage
10Spell Sadi MassBrambleMultiple BrambleExpensive Attack Circle Aoe: Damage
  Level Icon Spell Name Type Effect
Element WaterLarge
0Spell Sadi VaporizeVaporizeAttackDamage
2Spell Sadi SadidasTearSadida's TearAttack No LoS, Damage
4Spell Sadi MudoolMudoolCheap Spell Damage, Doll: Heal, Totem: Heal
7Spell Sadi RustRustAttack Damage, Totem: Damage
10Spell Sadi DrainDrainExpensive AttackDamage, Steal HP to Heal Dolls
  Level Icon Spell Name Type Effect
Element SupportLarge
1Spell Sadi DollDollSummon Summon a Doll Seed
Spell Sadi ExplodollExplodollPassiveYour dolls explode on Death
3Spell Sadi DollSacrificeDoll SacrificeTradeTake health from Doll, destroy doll
Spell Sadi DollLinkDoll LinkPassive Redirect received Damage to Dolls
4Spell Sadi VoodollVoodollSummon Summon a Voodoo Totem
Spell Sadi DollKnowledgeSadida Savoir-FairePassive +Leadership
5Spell Sadi TreeTreeTransformTurn into a Tree, Dolls: Nettled
Spell Sadi GreenGuardGreen GuardPassive If attacked, Doll: Nettled
6Spell Sadi SicEmMoreSic'Em MoreSupportAll Dolls: Nettled
Spell Sadi StillLifeStill LifePassive On Death return as a Doll

Health progression编辑

Sadida start with 49 HP, and gain +5 HP per level.

Play style编辑

  • Archetype: Druid, Voodoo Shaman
  • Unique features: Dolls, Totem
  • Strike power: Average. Sometimes low, but increases with multiple dolls.
  • Flexibility: Good. Dolls are a multi-purpose tool that can handle a lot of different situations..
  • Team play: Average. Totem can compensate for range/movement issues with other classes, but dolls can occasionally block an ally's shot or movement.
  • Combat position: Rear guard. Dolls and Totem can effectively allow the Sadida to attack around their allies.
  • Good targets: Mid ranged attackers.
  • Bad targets: A single strong opponents that can kill dolls easily.

Spell-branch features编辑

  • Air: Movement, Enhancing Doll's attack damage
  • Earth: Range, Area Effects
  • Water: Healing of Dolls
  • Support: Doll enhancements, Durability

In-fight speed bonus:编辑

+1 wakfu point


File:Sadida Concept.jpg

The Sadida class, originating from the first Ankama title Dofus, was first introduced as a nature class with very strong long range attacks and summoning spells. Some of the popular spells amongst the Sadida of Dofus included: Bramble, sacrificial doll, soothing bramble and the inflatable.

File:Sadida DofusMale.png

Preview spells编辑

Ankama previewed a small selection of spells during the initial design period of Wakfu. Though examples of the desired shape of the class, most of these spells didn't make it through to the current version without some alterations.

Icon Name Element Short description
File:Preview Bramble.png Bramble Earth This spell inflicts long-range Earth-type damage.
File:Preview Zombification.png Zombification N/A This spell allows a Sadida to zombify a target whether it is an ally or a foe.
File:Preview SummoningOfDolly.png Summoning of Dolly N/A This spell allows the caster to drop an inanimate doll on a cell next to him. This doll will come to life only if a spell of doll animation is cast on him.
File:Preview AnimateSacrificedDoll.png Animate Sacrificed Doll N/A This spell can give life to an inanimate doll, turning it into a "Sacrificed" doll. The spell can only be cast on an inanimate doll.


  • The Sadida class's full name is "Sadida's Shoes"
  • Players often shorten "Sadida" to "Sadi" when referring to the class.
  • "Sadida", spelled backwards, is Adidas, which is a sports equipment manufacturer.