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There's no use trying to beat a Sacrier disciple into submission - they like it too much!

In fact, these berserkers only become more powerful with each blow from their enemy! You'll find these strange creatures right where the fighting rages and the blood flows... and this is the warrior comrade that just keeps giving and giving in those long, tiring battles.

Like all tough soldiers, they know how to enjoy themselves too, so if you can't find your finest warrior companion on the battlefield, have a look in the local tavern! Their weapon of choice is the sword.

Class spells编辑

The class spells available to members of the Sacrier class are:

Element Level Icon Spell Name Type Effect
Element AirLarge
0Spell Sac RejectattooRejectattooCheap Attack Damage, Push
2Spell Sac SacriersFistSacrier's FistVery Cheap AttackDamage, Move Towards, Nimble
4Spell Sac AssaultAssaultCheap AttackDamage, Swap Places, Nimble
7Sacrier Spell Motion SicknessMotion SicknessVery Cheap Attack Range, apply Motion Sickness state to target, forced reposition causes damage.
10Spell Sac LightSpeedLight SpeedExpensive AttackCircle AoE: Damage, Teleport, Nimble
Level Icon Spell Name Type Effect
Element EarthLarge
0Spell Sac RockyFootRocky FootCheap AttackDamage, Awkward, Coagulation
2Spell Sac CrackrockBlowCrackrock BlowAttackDamage, Awkward, Coagulation
4Spell Sac LethalSlingshotLethal SlingshotAttackCross AoE: Damage, %Chance -MP, Coagulation
7Spell Sac ColonnadesColonnadesAttackCone AoE: Damage, Coagulation
10Spell Sac SmasherSmasherExpensive AttackDamage, Incurable, Coagulation
Level Icon Spell Name Type Effect
Element FireLarge
0 Spell Sac BloodRushBlood RushCheap Attack Damage, Self-Harm
2 Spell Sac CageOfBloodCage of BloodAttackSquare AoE: Damage, Awkward
4 Spell Sac BloodthirstyFuryBloodthirsty FuryVery Cheap AttackDamage, Self-Harm, +Damage%
7 Spell Sac BoilingBloodBurning BloodExpensive AttackCross AoE: Damage, Scalded, Flaming
10 Spell Sac PunishmentPunishmentExpensive AttackDamage, +Damage%
Level Icon Spell Name Type Effect
Element SupportLarge
1Spell Sac AttractionAttractionSupport Pull, Awkward
Spell Sac AngrrrAngrrrPassive Sacrier system, +Damage% at certain Angrr
3Spell Sac TranspositionTranspositionTeleportSwap Places with Ally
Spell Sac BloodPact Blood PactPassive +Max HP, +Max HP per Ally, -Max HP per Ally Death
4Spell Sac Sacrifice SacrificeSupportTake Damage for ally and Swap Places
Spell Sac Moribund MoribundPassiveLow HP = +Damage%
5 Sacrier Life Transfer Life TransferSupportTransfer Sacrier's %HP to heal Target
Spell Sac ClingingToLife Clinging to LifePassiveDelay KO
6 Sacrier Spell Spell Armor Blood Sanguine ArmorActiveCreate state of Coagulation based on Angrr.
Sacrier Spell Blood Tatooed Tattooed  BloodPassive Add 2 levels to each total application of Coagulation state.

Health progression编辑

Sacrier start with 56 HP, and gain +7 HP per level.

Play style编辑

  • Archetype: Berserker
  • Unique features: Angrrr
  • Strike Power: Good at first, but builds up to devastating levels when hit.
  • Team play: Good. Taking blows for the team, moving both allies and enemies.
  • Combat position: Front lines. Taking damage, and dealing damage.
  • Good targets: Slow moving mid-ranged attackers.
  • Bad targets: Fast moving ranged targets.

Spell-branch features编辑

  • Air: Position manipulation of themselves and other creatures.
  • Earth: Spending Angrrr to boost Damage.
  • Fire: Spending HP to boost Angrrr.
  • Support: Position manipulation, protection for allies, and Angrrr.


File:Sacrier Concept.jpg

The Sacrier class of Wakfu originated from the first Ankama title Dofus, in which they were a zombie-esque character that gained strength the more they got hit.

File:Sacrier DofusMale.png

Preview spells编辑

Ankama previewed a small selection of spells during the initial design period of Wakfu. Though examples of the desired shape of the class, most of these spells didn't make it through to the current version without some alterations, if not being dropped all together.

Icon Name Element Short description
File:Preview Attraction.jpg Attraction  ?? This spell enables Sacriers to attract a character to them, either ally or an enemy
File:Preview SelfSacrifice.jpg Self-Sacrifice  ?? This spell enables Sacriers to sacrifice part of their life to inflict damage to all of the enemies around them.
File:Preview Domination.jpg Domination  ?? This spell enables Sacriers to immobilize an enemy thanks to their tattoo, but it also blocks their own movements. Their enemy can still attack and cast spells
File:Preview Cooperation.jpg Cooperation  ?? This spell enables Sacrier to switch places with that of an enemy


  • The Sacrier class's full name is "Sacrier's Blood"
  • Players often shorten "Sacrier" to "Sac" when referring to the class.
  • The Sacrier's name comes from a combination of sacrifice + crier; the French name is sacrieur, sacrifice + rieur, "one who laughs"


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