Champions as much as they are felons, the Rogues associate intelligence with cunning. Masters in the art of DIY, they use and abuse tools and gadgets to carry out their schemes. At the heart of all this malice, only one thing has any worth in their eyes: family values.

Class spells编辑

The class spells available to members of the Rogue class are:

ElementLevelIconSpell NameTypeEffect
Element AirLarge
0Spell Rogue WindyShotWindy ShotCheap AttackDamage, No LoS
2Spell Rogue GrenadoGrenadoCheap BombCross AoE: Damage, No LoS
4Spell Rogue TommyShot Tommy ShotVery Cheap AttackDamage
7Spell Rogue TornabombTornabombBombCross Aoe: Damage, Push
10Spell Rogue BoomerangDaggerBoomerang DaggerAttack Damage, No LoS
  LevelIconSpell NameTypeEffect
Element FireLarge
0Spell Rogue EnflamedShotEnflamed ShotCheap AttackDamage
2Spell Rogue ExplobombExplobombCheap BombCircle AoE: Damage
4Spell Rogue NapalmShotNapalm ShotAttackCross AoE: Damage, Burning
7Spell Rogue BurningBombBurning BombBomb Circle Aoe: Damage, Burning
10Spell Rogue PulsarPulsarAttackConvert unused AP & MP into Damage
  LevelIconSpell NameTypeEffect
Element WaterLarge
0Spell Rogue PiercingShotPiercing ShotAttackDamage, ignores Resist%
2Spell Rogue WaterBombWater BombCheap BombRing AoE: Damage
4Spell Rogue CrossfireCrossfireCheap AttackDamage
7Spell Rogue BombXBomb XBombRing AoE: Damage, -Resist%
10Spell Rogue MusketMusketAttackCone AoE: Damage
  LevelIconSpell NameTypeEffect
Element SupportLarge
1Spell Rogue RogueImageRogue ImageIllusionCreate duplicates, Swap positions with one, duplicate returns fire
Spell Rogue PyrotechnistPyrotechnistPassiveextend Bomb duration, +Damage% on Bombs/Chain-explosions
3Spell Rogue DetonatorDetonatorSupport Detonates a Bomb
Spell Rogue BombMasterBomb MasterPassive+Mechanics, Bombs can drop Powder
4Spell Rogue PowderPowderGlyphBomb damage increased on that cell
Spell Rogue EliteShooterElite ShooterPassive +Damage% for non-Bomb spells
5Spell Rogue BoombotBoombotSummonSummon can kick bombs, or detonate them
Spell Rogue PowderKegPowder KegPassive Shot spells can place Powder glyphs
6Spell Rogue AcciobombAcciobombSupport Pulls Bomb
Spell Rogue ExplotectionExplotectionPassiveReduce Bomb damage to allies

Health progression编辑

Rogue start with 55 HP, and gain +5 HP per level.

Play style编辑

  • Archetype: Bomber, Dandy Highwayman
  • Unique features: Bombs
  • Strike Power: Slow to set up, but can damage a large area easily.
  • Team play: Bombs can hit allies.
  • Combat position: Flanking. Setting up large explosions to damage enemies, but not too near allies.
  • Good targets: Slow moving attackers.
  • Bad targets: Fast moving ranged targets.

Spell-branch features编辑

  • Air: Multiple angles of attack.
  • Fire: Damage.
  • Water: can neutralise resistant targets.
  • Support: Bomb enhancement.


The Rogue class of Wakfu was added to the game at approximately the same time as it was added to Dofus and Dofus Arena.


  • The Rogue class's full name is "Rogue Ruse"
  • Unlike the first 12 classes, Rogues and Masqueraiders do not gain their class powers from a god.
  • Rogue are a player class based on a pre-existing monster group from Dofus, who also appeared in the Wakfu cartoon.
  • The International Server, Remington, is named after a Rogue character from the Wakfu cartoon.