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Movement in Wakfu is perform via left-clicking where you would like to go, however the effect of this is different depending on whether you are in combat or out of it.

Out of Combat编辑

Left-clicking a location will cause your character to move as quickly as they can to that location.

It may also cause aggressive monsters to attack you if you pass too close to them.

In Combat编辑

When in Combat movement is much more restricted.

  • You are only able to actively move when it is your Turn (though some automatic effects may move you)
  • Combat is divided into a grid, moving between each Cell on this grid counts as a single step.
  • Each step you take in combat uses a Move Point.
  • You can only step along the horizontal or vertical axis (accounting for the viewing angle).
  • You cannot enter a Cell something else already occupies (another creature, or inanimate obstructions)
  • If you are adjacent to an enemy and attempt to move away you will have to pass a Dodge Check in order to do so.

Movement Points (MP)编辑

Every creature has a number of Movement Points, which represent how far they can travel each Turn of combat. This value can be altered through spells and other effects.

Base Value编辑

  • The base MP for all classes is 3.

MP Altering编辑

A number of spells, and effects, can alter the MP of a caster's spells. When attempting to reduce the MP of an opponent, the caster must first pass a Mental Opposition Check or a Will Check before the effect is applied.

Class SpellEffect
CraFile:Element NeutralSmall.pngDisengage+MP
IopTemplate:I eemImpactBound
SacrierTemplate:I eamVortex-MP
Template:I eemImpalementBound
SramTemplate:I efmShin-nicker-MP
Template:I ewmFrosty EmbraceFrozen
Template:I ewmIcy TrapFrozen
File:Element NeutralSmall.pngDodge+MP
XelorTemplate:I ewmIce Needles-MP
File:Element NeutralSmall.pngConversion-MP

Bound -1 MP


CostMax LvlEffect
120, 1502 +1 MP

Obstructing Movement编辑

A number of effects allow you place objects into a fight which can obstruct movement. This can be used defensively, though unless you have some attacks which do not need Line of Sight, you can often find yourself at the same disadvantage.

Class Spell
CraTemplate:I eemSeismic Beacon
Template:I efmIncandescent Beacon
Template:I ewmWindy Beacon
EniripsaTemplate:I efmConey Mark
SramFile:Element NeutralSmall.pngDouble
XelorTemplate:I eamSinistro
Template:I efmHydrand

Movement without using Move Points编辑

It is possible to move around in combat without using the general MP, for more information see the Move Effects article.

Using Move Points to Cast Spells编辑

A handful of spells feature MP as part of their cast cost. If the character does not have enough MP, then they cannot cast that spell. This often forces a player to choose between moving, and casting such spells.


  • "Movement Point" is often shortened to "MP".
  • The File:Movement point.png symbol is often used to represent MP within the game's interface.

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