Profession Forester

此專業可以採集 樹木。當你伐木等級增加時,你可以採集到更多不同種類的 樹木



Astrub - 西北方: Master Hoot (Bonta)
Amakna - Amakna Village: Hugh Jaxman
Bonta - Gnarled Barklee's Forest: Gnarled Barklee
Brakmar - Mourning Wood: Phullup
Sufokia - Jumping' Jungle: Kokogro



How not to get the axe, in 10 lessons

The Foresters only live by the Trees, the Wood is their number one resource.

If he's standing in front of a Tree, a Forester can do two things:
- Cut the tree, to harvest its Wood
- Prune the tree, to harvest its Cuttings

However, the Forester cannot harvest Fruits hanging from the trees. For that, he'll have to ask a Farmer.

However, like all Flora, trees don't automatically grow back. Luckily, the Forester can reintroduce trees into the ecosystem. For that, all he needs to do is Plant cuttings.
Trees can only grow on certain, recognizable soils, so keep your eyes open!

In terms of tools, there's no way around it, the Forester has to have his Axe.

Once the Wood has been harvested, a Forester can chop it into planks using a Saw.

These Planks will mainly be of interest to the Handymen, so bear that in mind!

To conclude, staying alert will allow a Forester to wait for the rain to plant the cuttings, so they have a better chance at successfully taking root. What's more, the temperature has an effect on the growth speed of the tress, so keep an eye out!



1.Taking is good, but giving back means you can take again. What does a lumberjae plant to grow trees?
Nothing, the trees grow back by themselves.

2.Not bad, but we're multi-talented around here. Apart from chopping wood, what else will you be able to do with tree?
prune the cuttings
pick the fruit.
pick the berries.
drop a log

3.Very good! One I've harvested my wood, what do i have to use to turn it into planks?
a sawmill
a planker
an anvil
a refiner

4.Which artisans use planks of wood?
no one

5.One more of the road. Can you plant tree anywhere you like?
Of course, even in water
In any type of grass
In a good quality pan.
No, only in certain special soils


伐木技能需要利用 Sawmill


等級 樹木 可採集
0 Astrub Ash Astrub Ash 36px Astrubian Ash Wood
Tree AshTree Ash Tree 36px Ash Wood
36px Ash Cutting
10 Hazel Tree Hazel Tree 36px Hazel Wood
36px Hazel Cutting
15 Chestnut Tree Chestnut Tree 36px Chestnut Wood
36px Chestnut Cutting
20 Api Tree Api Tree 36px Api Tree Wood
36px Api Cutting
25 Birch Tree Birch 36px Birch Wood
36px Birch Cutting
30 Tree Dry Pine Dry Pine 36px Dry Pine Wood
36px Dry Pine Wood Cutting
35 Weeping Willow Tree Weeping Willow 36px Weeping Willow Wood
36px Weeping Willow Cutting
40 Palmito Tree Palmito 36px Palmito Wood
36px Palmito Cutting
45 Bramble (Tree) Bramble 36px Bramble Wood
36px Bramble Cutting
50 Baby Redwood Tree Baby Redwood
55 Scots Pine Tree Sylvan Pine 36px Sylvan Wood
36px Sylvan Cutting
60 Cherry Tree Cherry Tree
65 Citronana Tree Citronana Tree 36px Citronana Wood
36px Citronana Cutting


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