If a creature is adjacent to an enemy and they attempt to move they must perform a Dodge Check.

This check compares the moving creature's Dodge stat with the enemy's Tackle stat, and combines it with a random chance. If the creature is successful they can move away as they wanted. If the creature fails, then their attempt to move is prevented and their turn ends.

The more enemies are adjacent to the creature the harder the Dodge Check is to pass successfully.

Base Values编辑

  • The base Dodge for all classes is 100.
  • The base Tackle for all classes is 100.

Altering Dodge or Tackle编辑

A number of spells, and effects, can alter the Dodge or Tackle of a creature.

Class SpellEffect
EcaflipTemplate:I ensFeline Reflexes+Dodge
IopTemplate:I ensRefusal-Dodge
SacrierTemplate:I eemSacrier's Foot-Dodge
Template:I ensMark of Agility+Dodge, +Tackle
SramTemplate:I ensDodge+Dodge
XelorTemplate:I ewmTime Snap-Tackle


  • "Dodge Locking" can refer to a creature successfully preventing the movement of another because of the Dodge Check.

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