Iop pose



Iops are renowned for being courageous knights who let their weapons do the talking. Ogrest's Chaos hasn't changed their attitude, either. Loyal to their god, Iops are spirited warriors and formidable protectors.

When it comes to defending their strong opinions, Iops have no trouble letting their enemies know exactly how fierce they can be. Make a note of it!


Iop 職業可用的基本法術的項目包含:

Element 等級圖示法術名稱類型作用
Element AirLarge
0 Spell Iop Jabs Jabs Very Cheap attack Damage
2 Spell Iop Flurry Flurry Very Cheap Attack 傷害
4 Spell Iop Intimidation Intimidation Cheap attack 傷害, Push
7 Spell Iop Evisceration Gutting Gust 攻擊 傷害, MP-only
10 Spell Iop Uppercut Uppercut 攻擊 傷害, WP-only
Element EarthLarge
0 Spell Iop EarthenBlow Shaker 攻擊傷害
2 Spell Iop Rockfall Rocknoceros攻擊 傷害, Stunned
4 Spell Iop Impact Impact Cheap Attack Cross AoE: 傷害, Bound
7 Spell Iop Charge Charge 攻擊 傷害, Move Towards, Stunned
10 Spell Iop Earthquake Devastate Expensive Attack Square AoE: 傷害, Bound
Element FireLarge
0 Spell Iop Thunderbolt Thunderbolt Cheap Attack 傷害, Scalded
2 Spell Iop Judgement Judgment 攻擊 Along-Line AoE: 傷害, Blindness
4 Spell Iop SuperIopPunch Super Iop Punch 攻擊 Move Towards, 傷害, T AoE: Explosion
7 Spell Iop CelestialSwordCelestial Sword 攻擊 Ring AoE: 傷害, Flaming
10 Spell Iop IopsWrath Iop's Wrath Very Expensive Attack Circle AoE: 傷害, Explosion
Element SupportLarge
1 Spell Iop Jump Jump Teleport Teleport, +Damage%
Spell Iop Virility Virility Passive +Max HP
3 Spell Iop DefensivePosture Defensive Stance Reaction avoid a melee attack, End Turn
Spell Iop Compulsion Compulsion Passive +Damage%
4 Spell Iop Squash Flatten Attack Teleport, Stun, 傷害
Spell Iop Authority Authority Passive Chance to turn enemy, Power.
5 Spell Iop BraveryBanner Bravery Standard Glyph +Resist, Circle AoE: +Damage%, End Turn
Spell Iop ShowOff Show Off Passive Ally Death/Crit: Power
6 Spell Iop Amplification Increase Buff +Damage, WP-only
Spell Iop ExpertTackler Expert Locker Passive +Lock, Locking: Power


Iop 起初有 53 HP,並得在每一次升級得到 +5 HP。


  • Archetype: 無畏戰士。
  • Unique features: Heavy melee focus.
  • Strike power: Excellent. Damage from Iops is one of the highest of all classes.
  • Flexibility: Low. Iops are all about melee damage, with some more damage on top, and getting into Melee.
  • Team play: Good. They can provide some bonuses, and push enemies away from allies.
  • Combat position: Front line melee! Their health and durability makes them very good tanks.
  • Good targets: Slow melee opponents.
  • Bad targets: Hit and Run opponents that are hard to catch.


  • Air(氣): 對個別目標快速傷害。
  • Earth(大地): High damage and immobilisation of the enemy (Stun).
  • Fire(火): Application of states and Area spells.
  • Support(支援): Movement, durability and damage bonuses.


Iop Concept

Official concept art for Iop class.

The Iop class, originating from the first Ankama title Dofus, was first introduced as a Paladin class with powerful close-range attacks. Some of the popular spells amongst the Iop of Dofus included: pressure, jump, power and Iop's wrath.

Iop DofusMale

Original Dofus Iop class image.


Ankama previewed a small selection of spells during the initial design period of Wakfu. Though examples of the desired shape of the class, most of these spells didn't make it through to the current version without some alterations.

Preview Pulverize
大地 This spell allows the caster to strike a blow on a specific cell but the earth-type damage is only dealt the next turn. The spell targets the cell and not the enemy, if the latter moves away he won't take any damage.
Preview Thunder Thunder
This spell inflicts Lightning-type damage and can blind the enemy on a critical hit.
Preview Judgment Judgment Light Yanagi This spell allows for inflicting an extremely effective attack against undead creatures. It inflicts light-type damage.
Preview Smako Smako N/A With this spell, a Iop can try stunning an enemy. It's a powerful spell as it can make an opponent lose a turn. But it also requires a lot of faith points to be used.


  • Iop 職業的全名為「Iop's Heart Evangelista」
  • Iop was named after Yop, a yogurt drink (a developer in-joke).
  • The letter which make up the name Iop are commonly found adjacent to each other on a computer keyboard in the same order (under the keys 8, 9 and 0 respectively).