A creature's Health Points (HP) represent how much Damage they can take before dying.

This value is actually represented by two values; the Maximum HP, and the current HP.

Maximum HP编辑

Maximum HP represents the most HP that creature can have. Normal healing cannot grant you more HP than this value, though it is possible to artificially raise this value, allowing a character more HP than they normally could have.

The initial Max HP value at level 1 depends on the character's Class, and the basic value will gradually increase as the character gains more Character Levels (this amount is also determined by class).

Class1st level+Per Level

Summon HP编辑

Summoned creatures tend to have an HP value based on that of their summoner's level.

Current HP编辑

This value is the more actively important value.

Sustaining damage in combat will reduce this value, and if it reaches 0, your character is Knocked Out. Your character will then have about 3 turns before they die. If they are damaged again within this duration they will also die. If combat is won before this time-limit is up, then that character will return to life, with 1 Current HP remaining. If combat is lost, then everyone will die (since everyone was Knocked Out)


  • In combat, lost HP can be restored with certain spells, usually healing or life stealing.
  • Outside of combat, lost HP is replenished over time (sitting will speed this up), or through consumable items (usually Baked items).

Players can often start a fight with a lower value if they have not properly healed from a previous fight.

Monster Health编辑

Monsters will always start a fight with current health equal to their Maximum Health, even if they sustained damage in a fight a few seconds before.


  • "Health Point(s)" is often shortened to "HP", or referred to as "Life".
  • "Maximum Health Points" is often shortened to "Max HP".
  • "HP" is often used to refer to both Current and Maximum HP. "Max HP" is usually used to make the distinction when talking about both forms simultaneously.