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Amakna - Singing Fields: Shika Ingalsse
Bonta - Cania Swamps: Crocoburio
Brakmar - Gnashville: Krustiblak
Sufokia - Sufokia Village: Jonk Ussack
Astrub - South East: Master Screech



How to get more mussels

Fishermen harvest their resources on the fishing banks, they have to explore anywhere there's water to find them.

you won't find the same fish in fresh water as you will in sea water, so try both!

Once he's found a shoal of fish, the fisherman can carry out two actions:
-Fish, to try and tempt a fish to appear. -Fiss with a hook, whcih uses up a hook but allows the Fisherman to attract a special fish.

This bonus means they can carry out this action on shoals of fish.

Nonetheless, a fisherman's skill will not guarantee that he will definitely get a fish; he could also get nothing, or a special item.

Once you've fished from a shoal of fish, you'll have to wait a certain amount of time for this area to restock itself. The time varies depending on the climate and the type of water. It's knowledge like this that sets the good fishermen apart from the bad ones.

Once you've filled your baskets with fish, you should pay a visit to the chefs. They'll be your main customers, since they'll need fish in order to try out new recipes.

Keep Fishin'



1.Once you've got your fishing rod, on what and where should you cast it?
on shoals of fish, in freshwater only
on shoals of fish, in freshwater or seawater
on shields belonging to adventurers only
on shawls belonging to old women only

2.When we're hungry, we often lose patience...Does a fisherman catch fish every time?
Yes, but he has to confront the fish
No, he might get a fish, an item, or nothing at all
Yes, but he has to pay part of his catches to the territory's Clan Member

3.Eating raw food is all right for a while. But if I want a more elaborate dish to be made from my fish, which craftsmen should I go to?

4.What should a fisherman use to catch a special fish from the shoals?
One of those hooks that lets you fish for another fish
A bit of meat attached to the end of the line to attract rare fish
A harpoon
One of his fingers


漁夫技能需要利用 Hook table


漁夫需要利用 釣魚銀行 來獲得魚。

Tiny Fish
Little River Fish
Little Seawater Fish
Little Fishing Bank
Shoal of Stando Fish


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