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Astrub - 東北方: Master Pigmy (Amakna)
Astrub - 西南方: Master Barney (Brakmar)
Amakna - Farle's Fields: Farle Ingalsse
Bonta - Cania Plains: Justice Knight
Brakmar - Pabong Fields: Ely Sianfields
Sufokia -Hanging Gardens: Van Kooper


Note: Farle Ingalsse 在被保護區域,所以玩家無法直接從 Amakna 進入.


Farmers' Treaty By Shika Ingalsse

Farmer is a harvesting job which mostly concerns cultures. ALL cultures. My husband only likes wheat, but know that there are many like him throughout the world.
The rest of us farmers also have the chance to pick fruits from certain trees, but we won't be able to grow them ourselves.

When a resource reaches maturity, you can collect its seeds or fruits. The resource is not destroyed, but it is regressed. If you leave it alone, other seeds or fruits will grow from it.

You can plant the seeds you get from a resource to grow more of it. You have to be careful though, because not all seeds are suitable for all soils. As far as the farming profession is concerned, you can't go far wrong if you head for the fields: all the cereals seem to like it there!

As well as harvesting, there is another thing you can do to families of cultures. You can cut them to get the plant itself. Be careful, though, cutting a resource is an irreversible action and once you've done it, the plant is destroyed and won't grow back.

If you go to a millstone, you'll be able to grind your grains into flour. Then, bakers from all over Amakna will snatch it out of your hands. I'd advise you to get a few good business relationships going, if you do't want to end up ground to a pulp yourself!

Farmers' Treatise By Shika Ingalsse



1.paying close attention to waht you scythe is ky. What can you do with the ears of wheat?
Pick the flowers
Harvest the fruit
Harvest the seeds
What is this? I don't even-

2.Ok, next question... Can a farmer plant his seeds as effectively in all types of soil?
No, the field are much more fertile.
Of course, the earth is welcoming.
Yes, but rocky land is best of all.
I don't even... What is this?

3.The job would be pretty boring if we did absolutly but harvesting. What can you do with harvested cereals?
Turn them into various types of flour.
Turn them into Bowmeow-pops.
Turn them into juice
What is this? I don't even-


農夫技能需要利用 Grindstone


等級 農作物/樹 可採集
0 Astrub Wheat
Crop Wheat Wheat Wheat Straw Wheat Straw
Seed WheatSeed Wheat Grain
10 Crop Artichoke Artichoke Artichoke Root Artichoke Root
Artichoke Seed Artichoke Seed
Hazel Tree Hazel Tree Hazelnut Hazelnut
15 Crop Tuberbulb Tuberbulb Tuberbulb Tuberbulb
Tuberbulb Seed Tuberbulb Seed
Chestnut Tree Chestnut
20 Crop Barley Barley Barley Straw Barley Straw
Grain of Barley Grain of Barley
Api Tree Api Tree Fruit Api Api
25 Crop Cawwot Cawwot Plant Cawwot Cawwot
Cawwot Seed Cawwot Seed
30 Crop Pumpkin Pumpkin (crop) Pumpkin Pumpkin
Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin Seed
35 Oats Oat Grain
Oat Straw
40 Babbage
Palmito Tree Palmito Palmito Heart
45 Beanstalk Beans
50 Rye
Crop GoldenWheat Wheat Golden Wheat Grain Golden Wheat Grain
55 Vanilla Rice
60 Crop Jute Jute Jute Fiber Jute Fiber
Jute Seed Jute Seed
65 Citronana Tree Citronana Tree Citronana Citronana


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