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Eniripsas have always been renowned for their talent as healers. A single word whispered through kindly teeth is enough to double the lifespan of a companion.

Their knowledge of language is unmatched, and it is even said they speak many tongues forgotten by all other races.


Eniripsa 職業可用的基本法術的項目包含:

Element AirLarge
0Spell Eni FearFlaskPain Flask低階攻擊傷害
2Spell Eni PsykoFlaskPsykosis Flask低階攻擊傷害, 噩夢
4Spell Eni PainFlaskFear Flask低階攻擊傷害, 推進
7Spell Eni InfectedFlaskInfected Flask高階攻擊傷害, 壞疽
10Spell Eni LethargyFlaskLethargy Flask攻擊十字範圍: 傷害, 睡眠
Element FireLarge
0Spell Eni ItsadeMarkSadist Mark低階標記傷害, 治療轉換
2Spell Eni EtingMarkTraid Mark低階標記傷害, WP轉移
4Spell Eni AmilMarkHammle Mark標記傷害, 行動值轉移
7Spell Eni ConeyMarkConey Mark標記傷害, 從高階標記死者中製造一隻兔子
10Spell Eni RenewalMarkRebirth Mark標記傷害, 把目標轉換為奴隸
Element WaterLarge
0Spell Eni HealingWordHealing Word低階治療治療
2Spell Eni WordOfInvigorationInvigorating Word治療彈跳 治療
4Spell Eni RevitalizingWordRevitalizing Word治療圓形範圍: 治療
7Spell Eni RenewingWordRenewing Word低階治療低補量治療,獲得下次+10%補量buff。
10Spell Eni WordOfRecoveryFortifying Word治療 治療,


Element SupportLarge
1Spell Eni CounterNatureUnnatural Remedies支援 Zombification
Spell Eni AbsorptionAbsorption被動轉換傷害到血量
3Spell Eni TranscendenceTranscendence支援End Turn, 免疫唱法
Spell Eni ExpertHealerExpert Healer被動+獲得治療
4Spell Eni SuperConeySuper Coney支援兔子轉換成超強兔子
Spell Eni ExplosiveMarkMassacuring Mark被動防禦標記敵人的傷害,將傷害轉給其他人
5Spell Eni RegenerationRegeneration支援所受的損害後可獲得治療加成
Spell Eni ConstitutionConstitution被動+血量% 最大值給隊友
6Spell Eni EnirazerEniraser支援從目標移除State
Spell Eni HealDrainHeal Drain被動每唱一項治療法術時,同時治療施法者


Eniripsa 起初有 47 HP,並得在每一次升級得到 +5 HP。


  • Archetype: Healer, Fairy
  • Unique features: Healing, Marks, Zombification
  • Strike power: Low. Water is purely healing, Fire's main benefit only occurs when defeated foes.
  • Flexibility: Low. Similar to Strike Power, their options are quite limited.
  • Team Play: Good. Eniripsa's healing can keep an ally alive.
  • Combat position: Protected. While they can heal themselves, it's not enough to survive sustained attacks. Allies are needed to really keep safe.
  • Good targets: Creatures with low health mean Marks can provide their real benefits sooner, or creatures with low damage that can be healed easily.
  • Bad targets: Fast moving attackers can reach an Eniripsa, even when protected.


  • Air (氣): Movement and cheap attacks
  • Fire (火): 標記
  • Water (水): 治療
  • Support (支援): Defensive effects


Eniripsa Concept

Wakfu concept art for Eniripsa class.

The Eniripsa class of Wakfu originated from the first Ankama title Dofus.

Eniripsa DofusMale

Original Eniripsa class from Dofus.


Ankama previewed a small selection of spells during the initial design period of Wakfu. Though examples of the desired shape of the class, most of these spells didn't make it through to the current version without some alterations, if not being dropped all together.

IconNameElementShort description
Preview AltruisticWord Altruistic Word ?? This spell enables Eniripsas to sacrifice their lives to heal all of their allies
Preview RegeneratingWord Regenerating Word ?? This spell enables Eniripsas to set the Regeneration state onto an ally.
Preview Resurrection Resurrection ?? This spell enables Eniripsas to resurrect an ally character fallen in the fight by using all of their faith points.
Preview ScaryWord Scary Word ?? This spell enables Eniripsas to push away an enemy they think is too close.


  • Eniripsa 職業的全名為「Eniripsa's Hands」
  • Players often shorten "Eniripsa" to "Eni" when referring to the class.
  • Reading Eniripsa backwards gives "Aspirine", relating to the class's healing abilities.


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