Action Points are spent to perform actions during combat.

Most spells or weapon attacks requires a certain number of AP to attempt. If you don't have the AP, you can't attempt the action.

At the start of each Turn, the base value the character had when combat began is restored, then AP is added or subtracted due to the effects of any spells that have been cast on the character.

Base Value编辑

  • All classes have a base value of 6 AP.

Altering AP编辑

A number of spells, and effects, can alter the AP of a creature.

Class SpellEffect
EcaflipTemplate:I ensDouble or QuitsAP Refund
Template:I eemThree Cards+AP
Template:I ensEcaflip's Tarot+/-AP
EnutrofTemplate:I ensDrhellzerkerTurns all AP into MP
FecaTemplate:I eemEarth's FistStun
Template:I ewmBreaking WaveFrozen
Template:I ewmCrashing WaveFrozen
SramTemplate:I ewmFrosty EmbraceFrozen
Template:I ewmIcy TrapFrozen
XelorTemplate:I ewmFrostbite-AP
Template:I ewmSlow Down-AP
Template:I ewmClockAoE -AP
Template:I ewmHammer Time-AP and AoE +AP
Template:I ensDevotionAoE +AP
Template:I ensTemporal Armour+AP per hit
Gangrene-HP per AP used


CostMax LvlEffect
150, 3002 +1 AP



  • "Action Point" is often shortened to "AP".
  • The File:Action point.png symbol is often used to represent AP within the game's interface.

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