成就s are set tasks for the player to complete. On completion they usually reward you either a Face Gem, Skin Gem, Boost Gem, Map Tokens or Player Title.

Short cut 07任務编辑

Quest worldworld (世界任務)编辑

A Boy and his GemilinA Boy and his Gemilin (Inroduction to Incarnam)

Life is BeautifulLife is Beautiful (Incarnam's Secrets)

Cooking MimiCooking Mimi (Crozolily Meadow)

Super Kano Smash BoulzSuper Kano Smash Boulz (Kanokedo)

Mind the StepMind the Step (Souls' Crossing)

Incarnam AsylumIncarnam Asylum (Incarnam)

UberlordUberlord (Wild Estate)

Craft StarCraft Star (Amakna's Trade Bridges)

Metal Geetar SolidMetal Geetar Solid (Fertile Prairie)

Left 4 BreadLeft 4 Bread (Goballfield Country)

Nation QuestNation Quest: The Howl Encounter

External SonataExternal Sonata (Singing Fields)

Zone of the BeginnersZone of the Beginners (village)

Sin adn PuddlementSin and Puddlement

Alibert OdysseyAlibert Odyssey (Emelka)

Master MineMaster Mine (holey Forest)

Craft StarPine Craft (Bonta's Trade Bridges)

Justice CauseJustice Cause (Cania Swamps)

Soul CrocoburSoul Crocobur (Cania Swamps)

Kara Dangerous Kara Dangerous (Kara)

Holo 2Holo 2 (Thicket of Youbut)

Craft StarCraft of War (Brakmar's Trade Bridges)

Lonely TripLonely Trip (Mourning Wood)

Grattle GroundGrattle Ground

Sim SidimoteSim Sidimote

Micro GnashvilleMicro Gnashville

Craft StarShore Craft (Sufokia's Trade Bridges)

Dune DegenerationsDune Degenerations

TurfmaniaTurfmania: Canyon

Jungle SpeedJungle Speed

Stream FortressStream Fortress

Quest Mount ZinitMount Zinit (Zinit 山)编辑

World wildWild (野外)编辑

Pround as a Piwi

Short cut 11成就编辑

Achievements 12Discovery (發現)编辑

Achievements 13Pokemob: Gobball Discovery

Achievements 14Pokemob: Tofu Discovery

Pokemob: Blibli Discovery

Pokemob: Plant Discovery

Pokemob: Scaraleaf Discovery

Walk and Read, Journey to the Center of Astrub

Gods of Straw

Rokpapa Well


Noob Quest Monsters

Achievements 008Dungeons (地下城)编辑

Angry PiwisAngry Piwis (Hoola Hoopiwi)

Legless DungeonLegless Dungeon (Three Pistes' Cave)

Skies of GobbcadiaSkies of Gobbcadia (Cloudy Prairie)

Princess PoochPrincess Pooch (Miss Ugly Tower)

Tsar Fox (Tsu's Palace)

Crisis Caw (Kab-Cave)

Ray Moon Origins (Lunar Altar)

Harvest Monk (The Undieworld)

Scarateka (Abandoned Scarapit)

Diabli (The Boarthroom)

Chafer Burner (Morbax Neplopolis)

Lokoko Rokoko (Kokokobana)

Botanic Commando (Sureberry Fields)

Prof. Michelangecrow and the Crossed Future (House

Coolin' Mama (House of Respite)

Bubble Trouble (House of Trouble)

Scales in the Abyss (THe Snaptrap)

Achievements 009My Nation (國家)编辑

Snakes and Lawyers (Headquarters)

Soldier of Fortune

The Last Guardian

Achievements 010Professions (專業)编辑

Fish Tales

Money Island

Ruby Con

Tree Fit

Barley field 3

Man of Rays

Clover Strike

Grain Drops

Florist's Workshop

Lumber Mack

Mine Dug

Animal Crushing

Snapper Elite

Multi Max

Achievements 11Events (事件)编辑

Al Howin


Saint Ballotwine


Saint Potrick



  • Most of the achievement names are references to popular culture.