Cra pose







Element 等級圖示法術名稱類型作用
Element AirLarge
0 Spell Cra HomingArrow Homing Arrow 最低階攻擊 傷害
2 Spell Cra WindyBeacon Windy Beacon 燈標 WP-only, AoE: Push, 傷害
4 Spell Cra PlaguingArrow Plaguing Arrow 攻擊 傷害, no LoS
7 Spell Cra RetreatArrow Retreat Arrow 攻擊 傷害, Push
10 Spell Cra TempestArrow Storm Arrow 高階攻擊 圓形範圍: 傷害, Tornado
Element EarthLarge
0 Spell Cra ArrowBlow Arrow Blow 低階攻擊 傷害
2 Spell Cra SeismicBeacon Seismic Beacon 燈標 WP-only, 環狀範圍e: 傷害, 地震
4 Spell Cra LashingArrow Lashing Arrow 攻擊 傷害
7 Spell Cra PiercingArrow Piercing Arrow 攻擊 彈跳 傷害
10 Spell Cra DestructiveArrow Destructive Arrow 攻擊 傷害, Stun
Element FireLarge
0 Spell Cra BlazingArrow Blazing Arrow 低階攻擊 傷害, 燃燒
2 Spell Cra IncandescentBeacon Incandescent Beacon 燈標 WP-only, 十字範圍: 傷害, 燃燒
4 Spell Cra BlindingArrow Blinding Arrow 攻擊 十字範圍: 傷害, Blindness
7 Spell Cra BurningArrow Burning Arrow 攻擊 直線範圍: 傷害, Burning
10 Spell Cra ExplosiveArrow Explosive Arrow 高階攻擊 圓形範圍: 傷害, 爆炸
Element SupportLarge
1 Spell Cra Disengage Disengage 傳送 Push, 傳回 , +MP
Spell Cra ExpertMechanic Expert Mechanic 被動 +Mechanics, +Beacon HP
3 Spell Cra Unbeacon Unbeacon 輔助 Destroy target beacon, receive +Damage%
Spell Cra Deflection Deflection 被動 Reduce received ranged damage
4 Spell Cra Sharpshooting Long Distance Combat 輔助 Trade unused MP for +Crits
Spell Cra HeightenedVision Heightened Vision 被動 +範圍 and +暴擊
5 Spell Cra BatsEye Bat's Eye 輔助 -Range, +Critical Failure
Spell Cra Wariness Surprise Arrow 被動 if no enemy is on line of sight: 力量
6 Spell Cra Precision Disturbing Arrow 輔助 Reduces enemies resistance
Spell Cra PowerfulShooting Powerful Shooting 被動 if no enemy is in melee: 力量


弓箭手起初有 50 HP,並得在每一次升級得到 +6 HP。


  • Archetype: 弓兵
  • Unique features: Beacons
  • Strike power: Good. Their incredible range allows them to strike without being struck.
  • Flexibility: Average. Their long range means it's hard to escape from their attacks.
  • Team play: Beacons can be used to herd enemies, while air spells can push opponents away from vulnerable allies.
  • Combat position: At a distance. Cra spells have minimum range restrictions, which makes it hard to attack back against melee opponents.
  • Good targets: Slow enemies who fight in close combat
  • Bad targets: 快速混亂敵人。


  • Air(氣): Pushing and hitting (ignoring Line of Sight, extremely long range)
  • Earth(大地): 高度傷害、 混亂攻擊。
  • Fire(火): Multiple States and Area of Effect spells.
  • Support(支援): 傷害、 移動及操作範圍。


Cra Concept

Wakfu concept art for Cra class

The Cra class, originating from the first Ankama title Dofus, was first introduced as an archer class with long range attacks. Some of the popular spells amongst the Cra of Dofus included: Magic arrow, lashing arrow, punitive arrow and explosive arrow.

Cra DofusFemale

Original Cra class from Dofus


Ankama previewed a small selection of spells during the initial design period of Wakfu. Though examples of the desired shape of the class, most of these spells didn't make it through to the current version without some alterations, if not being dropped all together.

Preview BouncingArrow Bouncing Arrow Lightning
Bouncing Arrow inflicts Lighting Type damage. Its damage spreads to and hits all the enemies close to the initial target. New damage taken loses in power compared to the previous one. The Cra must carry a Bow and possess an arrow to use this spell.
Preview ImmolationArrow Immolation Arrow Immolation Arrow has a chance to put an enemy in an 'Immolation' condition when touching him. The Cra must carry a bow and possess an arrow to use this spell.
Preview SerialArrow Serial Arrow 大地 This spell enables you to shoot a flight of arrows particularly efficient that will inflict Earth-Type damage upon three cells. The distance is fixed. The Cra must carry a bow and possess an arrow to use this spell.
Preview FrozenArrow Frozen Arrow Ice
Frozen Arrow can put an enemy in the 'Prison of Ice' condition, when the latter makes a Critical Hit. The Cra must carry a bow and possess an Arrow to use this spell.


  • 弓箭手職業的全名為「Cra's Range」
  • 把 cra 倒著讀會得到 arc, 在法語的意思為弓(bow)。