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If you want to make an Enutrof happy, just compare him to the 'Kama Reaper', a character from Enutrof fairy tales who comes to take the richest, greediest ones off to hell... which they love! I have yet to meet someone who wants to make an Enutrof happy though...

Enutrofs are the gold rushers of the World of Twelve - they like nothing more than counting booty and you'll often see all sorts of adventurers following them around, just waiting until their Enutrof nose smells out the next gold mine. Their motto is simple: "Of greed make an art". You'll often hear them whisper it as they're pushing children out of the way in the search for rubies, or some other horrible activity. Their god, a Golden Dragon from the skies, gave them the knowledge of all valuable things.


Enutrof 職業可用的基本法術的項目包含:

Element EarthLarge
0 Spell Enu AirRaidSpade Killer Spade Cheap Attack傷害
2 Spell Enu DeadlyNightspade Deadly Nightspade 攻擊傷害, Bound
4 Spell Enu Smacker Smacker 攻擊傷害, Accelerated
7 Spell Enu ShadyShovel Shady Shovel 攻擊 傷害, Steal MP
10 Spell Enu ShovelShaker Shovel Shaker 攻擊AoE: 傷害, Bound
Element FireLarge
0 Spell Enu Fusion Fusion 攻擊傷害, Burning, Scalded
2 Spell Enu Meteor Meteor
Very Cheap Attack傷害, Mine: Square AoE
4 Spell Enu Ember Ember Cheap Attack傷害, Mine: Burning
7 Spell Enu FiredampExplosion Firedamp Explosion 攻擊 Cross AoE: 傷害, Mine: Large AoE
10 Spell Enu HotMagma Hot Magma Expensive Attack Line AoE: 傷害, Mine: Ring AoE
Element WaterLarge
0 Spell Enu Cutting Cutting Cheap Attack傷害, Pouch/Broke
2 Spell Enu Rascalry Rascalry 攻擊傷害, Pouch/Broke
4 Spell Enu Purge Purge Very Cheap Attack傷害, Pouch: Increase Size/Explode
7 Spell Enu Tax Tax 攻擊傷害, Broke: +Damage, Pouch/Broke
10 Spell Enu Refinement Refinement Very Expensive Attack傷害, Destroy Item/Broke
Element SupportLarge
1 Spell Enu PhoneAFrhend 有事找我 主动召唤一只地穴兽
Spell Enu TreasureTracker 勘探学 被动 增加基于勘探百分比的伤害
3 Spell Enu Drhellzerker DrhellzerkerTransformMerge with Drheller
Spell Enu Geology 地质学 被动在开局随机发现一些矿眼
4Spell Enu MineMover 移矿主动 移动当前所在的矿眼
Spell Enu FakingIt Faking ItPassivefake KO effect
5 Spell Enu MassClumsiness 不许动支援All: Bound, Caster: +Dodge
Spell Enu CombatTraining Combat Training PassiveUnlock Drheller abilities
6Spell Enu PrimeOfLife Prime of Life支援Gain MP instead of MP/HP Loss
Spell Enu GodEnutrofsBlessing God Enutrof's BlessingPassive Bonus combat-rewards


宝藏猎人 起初有 49 HP,並得在每一次升級得到 +5 HP。


  • Archetype: Miser, 尋寶獵人、 礦工、 Were-beast
  • Unique features: Drhellzerker, Mines, Pouches
  • Strike power: Average. Good range.
  • Flexibility: Good. Damage, States and movement speed.
  • Team play: Average. Large Area effects and Pouches.
  • Combat position: Front lines.
  • Good targets: Multiple slow moving targets.
  • Bad targets: Hit and Run foes.


  • Earth(大地): Move Point manipulation, Drhellzerker
  • Fire(火): Area Effects, Mine usage
  • Water(水): Pouch drops
  • Support(支援): Movement, Drheller, Mine manipulation


The Enutrof was first introduced in Ankama's first title, Dofus. They were shown as human characters in their senior years. Noted for their excellent prospecting skill, they were often used to collect rare and valuable treasures. In the latter of the levels, they produced paranormal bounds of damage with their powerful spells.

Enutrof DofusMale

Original Enutrof class from Dofus.

Placeholder Joke编辑

Their first appearance in Wakfu was as a tombstone. Later pictures revealed an arm sticking out of the ground holding a sort of document. This gave everyone something to talk about while Ankama finished designs for the Enutrof. The tombstone acted as a placeholder because the developer who was working on the Enutrof design had become a father for a second time. Franho, Xa's brother, provided the tombstone images while they finished.


Ankama previewed a small selection of spells during the initial design period of Wakfu. Though examples of the desired shape of the class, most of these spells didn't make it through to the current version without some alterations.

Preview ShovelThrowing Shovel Throwing Earth (大地) In a single majestic movement, Enutrofs can throw their shovels considerable distances dealing serious damage. On a critical, a nice shovel blow can slow down the enemy. This spell needs a shovel to be casted and Enutrofs do not lose their shovels. It deals Earth-type damage.
Preview ItemLore Item Lore N/A This spell enables an Enutrof to make sure when an item appears in a fight, the latter has a great chance to appear close to him.
Preview WealthScience Wealth Science N/A When he casts this spell on an enemy, the Enutrof will try to guess the items the opponent will drop if defeated. This is an undeniable asset for any Enutrof worthy of the name!
Preview ThrowingSkill Throwing Skill Varies Enutrofs are great recyclers. While in-fight, they can recycle anything in their reach. This spell enables them to throw at their enemies any ordinary weapon or piece of equipment, turning them into lethal jet weapons. However all items that were thrown away are permanently lost. The damage and attack type depend on the item thrown.


  • Enutrof 職業的全名為「Enutrof's Fingers」
  • Players often shorten "Enutrof" to "Enu" when referring to the class.
  • "Enutrof" spelled backwards is "Fortune". This is a reference to their prospecting luck and their skill with treasure.


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