When you play Wakfu you are in control of your Character, you control where you want them to move, and how to interact with the surroundings.


Class 编辑

There are fourteen different classes.

Characteristics 编辑

These are characteristics that are universally available to all characters, independent of their class choice.

Cosmetic Choices编辑


Select your character's sex by selecting the male or female sign. Sex does not have any effect on your character in combat except for the appearance of the sprite.

Character colors编辑

On the "Customize" screen, you can select three colors for your character, which affect how your character's sprite will appear on the map and combat screens. This does not have any effect on your character except for the appearance. (Please note: Your colours cannot be changed, so choose carefully!)

The customisable colours are skin, hair and eyes. Only the offered colours can be selected, but by double-clicking, a shade of the colour can be chosen instead (eye colour does not have shades). The specific colours available to you are dependant on your class and gender.

A Xelor is only able to customise it's skin

Character name编辑

Select a name for your character. It cannot conflict with an existing character on that server.