Xelor is the God time and is one of the Gods that rule the world of twelve he is a user of Black magic. Xelor is also the God Xelors (the users of time magic) his the founder of time magic.


When the universe was born Xelor was one of the ten first souls to be born these souls became the first ten God's of the new universe. It is unknown was Xelor did for thousands of years before the founding of the world of twelve. But when the beast God found the dead world and gave it life Xelor joined in and soon after created the Xelor clock to measure time. (But time did exist before the clock). Xelor then created his own race and they took his name.

Now there was only one problem, if anyone were to take the clock the would control time and throw the universe into chaos. So traveled the universe recruiting mortals, demons and creates that would became the protector of time.

Creation of the protectors

A few years after the world of twelve was found and the clock created, Xelor started to realize how much power the clock had and realized that same power could be abused and throw the universe into chaos. The clock needed protectors, defenders, guardians of time. Rushu the Demon God heard of Xelors need and him wanting more influence on the world, he offered same Demons to became Xelors first protectors. The protectors of the hours.

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