Wolfram is the Clan Member of Crozolily Meadow, also known as the Ecosystem Zone. He teaches the Trapper profession.

He is the father of Mimi and Wolfgang, also found within the same area.

Players can also receive the book The Ecosystem, which will explain the dynamics of Wakfu's Ecosystem.

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Trappers' Test

After you receive The Ecosystem (book), you will be able to talk to Wolfram again to answer some questions. Start by clicking this: [ I would like to test my abilities ]

Q: A Boowolf only needs to use his claws to tear a Gobball to shreds. But you, my little Gobbly, what will you need for harvesting? A: A hunting knife.

Q: You might have heard of Boowolves in sheep pens in the past, but can trappesr really reintroduce creatures wherever they feel like it? A: No, only in the areas where these creatures are present.

Q: Can a Trapper make things with the items he harvests? A: No, he can only harvest resources and introduce creatures.

Q: Good, and who can use harvested meats and skins? A: Chefs use the meats and leather dealers use the skins.

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