White magic is a very powerful tool, it is physical magic in general. White is use to enhance or increase a person's physical capability like a iop, iops use white magic to make them very strong and fast. It makes the user also very durable, white magic has to do with the physical part of a person. Eniripsa's use white magic to heal other's injures, this magic can also make a person very fast and agile like a cra.

Unlike black magic white doesn't require alot of thinking, but does require fitness. Even the God's find that this magic is very useful it even increase there power. White magic also give a person the strength to lift heavy thing's, like when Percedal lifted a mountain and throw it at Ogest. Another example is when Dally jump's super high to land on the cra bird's in season 2 or in the OVA when they fight Harebourg, Dally punches the ground creating a shock wave.

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