Temperature reaction
Temperature Hot 30° Temperature Extra Hot 42°
Temperature Happy 5° to 30°
Temperature ColdTemperature Extra Cold -7°
Wheat is the most common crop. It can be harvested by farmers for Wheat Grains and reaped for Wheat Straws.

Grow time to reap: 5 minutes. (Temp: 5 to 30) Grow time to get grain: 10 minutes in total. (Temp: 5 to 30)

Golden Wheat

Golden Wheat
In Amakna, if the Wheat is not harvested or reaped for a long time, it will turn into Golden Wheat, which can be reaped for Golden Wheat Grain by lvl. 5 farmers. Note that the wheat crop will be permanently destroyed and Stasis will be awarded to the player upon this action.


It can be found/planted in:


Location Chance to grow seeds
Amakna Village 90%
Emelka 70%
Farle's Fields 90%
Gobballfield Country 90%
Singing Fields 80%


Location Chance to grow seeds
Astrub Fields 70%


Location Chance to grow seeds
Cania Plains 85%
Cania Swamps 75%
Kara 80%


Location Chance to grow seeds
Gnashville 70%
Mourning Wood 85%
Pabong Fields 100%


Location Chance to grow seeds
Hanging Gardens  %
Terrana Dune 85%

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