Weapons are a type of equipment that fit in a character's weapon slots, often giving stat bonuses and/or penalties, and deciding most of the characteristics of their weapon-based attacks.

Weapon Type Cost (AP) Range Area of Effect Hands Damage Class
Axe 6 1-1 L shape 2 High Pandawa
Bow 5 4-7 Single Cell 2 Average Cra
Cards 3 1-2 Single Cell 1 V. Low Ecaflip
Dagger 3 1-1 Single Cell 1 V. Low Sram
Hammer 6 1-1 Reverse T
2 Average Osamodas
Hand 6 2-3 Linear 2 Line
1 High Xelor
Shovel 5 1-1 2 Line
2 Average Enutrof
Staff 5 1-1 3 Across
1 Low Feca
2 High Sadida
Sword 4 1-1 Single Cell 1 Average Iop
2 V. High Sacrier
Wand 4 3-5 Single Cell 1 Low Eniripsa


  • All classes are associated with a specific weapon. However this does not mean other weapons cannot be used as long as the character meets the requirements, and there is currently no benefit for using their "native" weapon either.
  • Weapon damage is applied only during weapon attacks, but stat bonuses from weapons, like with all equipment, are always in effect.
  • A shield or dagger may be equipped in combination with a main 1-hand weapon. 2-handed weapons will occupy both left and right-hand weapon slot, preventing these options.
  • Staff and Swords have 1-hand and 2-hand variants.

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