This page is a "to-do" list for Wakfu wiki, it will list things that need to be done around the wiki. Any user is welcome to add a task about something they notice that needs to be done/fixed.

Forever Tasks

These tasks should be constantly be worked on by editors of the wiki


All pages in the Category:Stub need to be filled out with more information.

Old pages

All pages in the Category:Outdated need to be updated to the current version of Wakfu.


All pages within the Category:Image_Needed need to have the proper image added.

Moved pages

After pages are moved/renamed all links to the old page need to be updated. For the move log, see this link. You can find a list of all the pages using the old name by using this tool.


These tasks deal with the actual information on pages


All classes and class spells need to be updated.


All professions and their items need to be updated.

Critical Damage

All class (and monster?) spells base damage and state levels were change from x1.5 on critical hits to x1.25.

Speed bonuses

Speed bonus info has to be added to most monster pages, and also to all class pages.

Recipes Lists

The recipes lists for all professions need to be updated to use the Recipe Table Template.

Dungeon pages

All dungeon pages should use the same format as Help:Dungeon Page.

Layout editing

These tasks are about the general layout of pages


The item tooltip and state tooltip have to be added to links all around the wiki.

State pages

State pages should be all moved to the statebox template.


Move the 'Block' bonus from Characteristics to Defense section on equipment set pages.


These tasks concern the code on pages and within templates


Any remaining wikitables have to be changed to "wakfutable" (wikitables should have a black heading and text, to be easy to recognize). Also, article-table should be used along with wakfutable.

Fixing CraftUse

CraftUse is currently not working correctly. The code needs to be fixed.

ItemWrap template

Any remaining image values should be removed from this template. A list can be found here.

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