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Timed objectives accepted within an area with the possibility to earn a reward.
Creating a Character
A quick guide on the character creation process.
Basic details on the nature of combat in Wakfu.
Information on the ecosystems and resources present in Wakfu.
A list of locations in the world.
An explanation on the methods of transportation.
Descriptions of the five factions in Wakfu.
Various subjects related to the game such as Ogrines.
Political & Economy
An overview of the political and economic systems within the game.
Information of the profession systems within the game.
A look at the social aspects of the game.
The quest system explained.

Wakfu Wiki News

  • 2020-05-27Farmer page has been updated with the Crops list and Farmer Recipes!! Current game version 1.67
  • 2017-08-22 • New resources and profession updates!! Therefore we have added a new Treebox template to add information for all the available trees in the lumberjack profession.
  • 2016-11-20 • Currently working on the ItemWrap template. Some pages might experience some difficulties. It will be fixed in a few hours.

Official Wakfu News

An XL Red Dragoone Stuffed Toy for our 20th Anniversary! - 23 Sep 2021

In bubblegum pink, it looked good enough to eat. In black, it was darkly fascinating. And in flamboyant red, it'll set your heart on fire! To celebrate Ankama's 20th anniversary, the ever-popular XL D...

20th Anniversary Contests: And the Winners are… - 21 Sep 2021

Three of the four contests we've launched to celebrate Ankama's 20th anniversary have just concluded. A lot of you took the time to participate, and it's safe to say that choosing the winners was no w...

Cast a Shadow with the Eclipse Pack! - 21 Sep 2021

Are you about to go rifting in Update 1.73? Wait a minute! Before jumping into the adventure, you should get the Eclipse Pack, which will turn you into the latest phenomenon everyone'll be talking abo...