Wakfu Points (WP) are a resource used by certain special skills in the game. These skills are mostly strong or have adverse effects and WP are a way for the game to gate the use (or abuse of such skills). 

Unlike AP or MP which is restored at the beggining of every turn in a fight, WP are restored uniquely for each class, usualy by stacking the levels of class-specific status that have their own unique conditions to be gained (i.e. Xelor gains levels of Great Clockmaster when removing AP, Ini, etc, and gain 1 WP per 100 levels of it). They are only fully restored after battle. This means that your WP is limited to the base amount of 6 during every fight. However, this can be increased by skill points or by equips.

Altering WP

Though effectively "more expensive" than AP, there are still a handful effects, that can alter the WP of a creature. Within the 14 classes WP can be altered by Enirispa's Traid Mark (%WP steal on enemy defeat) and Foggernaut's stasis spells. There are also states given by monsters.

Divine SilenceIncreases WP Cost

WP Only Spells

While WP-cost spells may be more powerful than others, they are usually limited by the amount of AP the caster currently has. However, a number of spells have pure WP costs, meaning they can be cast independent of any other resources.

Class SpellEffect
CraElement AirMediumWindy BeaconAoE Damage, Push
Element FireMediumIncandescent BeaconAoE Damage, Burning
Element EarthMediumSeismic BeaconAoE Damage
EcaflipElement NeutralSmallRoll Again Changes Tarot card
Element NeutralSmallCat Tree50% Dodge with Heal
EnutrofElement NeutralSmallPhone a FrhendSummons a Drheller
Element NeutralSmallPrime of Life MP loss and gain
IopElement AirMediumUppercut Damage
Element NeutralSmallIncrease +Damage%

Xelor||Element NeutralSmall||Xelor's Dial||Place a Dial

Element NeutralSmall Mummification Revives a KOed ally for 1 turn.
Element NeutralSmall Temporal Images Creates visual decoys


  • "Wakfu Point" is often shortened to "WP".
  • The Wakfu point symbol is often used to represent WP within the game's interface.

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