For a list of all existing templates, see Special:Allpages/Template:

Basic Templates

  • {{PAGENAME}} displays the name of the page in this area.
  • {{stub}} categorizes the page as a "stub".
  • {{delete}} marks a page to be deleted
  • {{Image Needed}} marks a page as in need of an image.
  • {{old}} marks a page as requiring update.
  • {{away}} marks your user as "away".
  • {{red|text}} displays text in red

Icon templates

Common use icon templates used in the wiki are:

Element templates:

{{WIcon/Gui|type=efs}} - Element FireSmall{{WIcon/Gui|type=eas}} - Element AirSmall {{WIcon/Gui|type=ees}} - Element EarthSmall{{WIcon/Gui|type=ews}} - Element WaterSmall {{WIcon/Gui|type=ess}} - Element StasisSmall
{{WIcon/Gui|type=efm}} - Element FireMedium{{WIcon/Gui|type=eam}} - Element AirMedium {{WIcon/Gui|type=eem}} - Element EarthMedium{{WIcon/Gui|type=ewm}} - Element WaterMedium {{WIcon/Gui|type=esm}} - Element StasisMedium
{{WIcon/Gui|type=eps}} - Element Physical{{WIcon/Gui|type=ens}} - Element NeutralSmall

Attribute templates:

{{WIcon/Gui|type=ap}} - Action point {{WIcon/Gui|type=mp}} - Movement point{{WIcon/Gui|type=wp}} - Wakfu point{{WIcon/Gui|type=hp}} - Health point
{{WIcon/Gui|type=crit}} - Critical Hit Icon {{WIcon/Gui|type=resistance}} - Icon Resistance{{WIcon/Gui|type=lock}} - Icon Lock{{WIcon/Gui|type=berserker}} - Icon Berserker
{{WIcon/Gui|type=initiative}} - Icon Initiative

{{WIcon/Gui|type=airdmg}} - Icon Air Damage

{{WIcon/Gui|type=waterdmg}} - Icon Water Damage {{WIcon/Gui|type=dodge}} - Icon Dodge
{{WIcon/Gui|type=distance}} - Icon Distance {{WIcon/Gui|type=airresist}} - Icon Air Resistance {{WIcon/Gui|type=fireresist}} - Icon Fire Resistance {{WIcon/Gui|type=backstab}} - Icon Backstab Damage

Area of Effect templates:

{{WIcon/Gui|type=area circle}} - Area Circle

Map Icon templates:

{{WIcon/Map|type=craft}} - Map Icon Craft{{WIcon/Map|type=well}} - Map Icon Well{{WIcon/Map|type=star}} - Map Icon Clan Member{{WIcon/Map|type=heart}} - Map Icon Heart
{{WIcon/Map|type=crown}} - Map Icon Crown{{WIcon/Map|type=crop}} - Map Icon Crop {{WIcon/Map|type=fish}} - Map Icon Fish{{WIcon/Map|type=wakfu}} - Map Icon Wakfu
{{WIcon/Map|type=stasis}} - Map Icon Stasis{{WIcon/Map|type=zaap}} - Map Icon Zaap{{WIcon/Map|type=boat}} - Map Icon Boat{{WIcon/Map|type=drago}} - Map Icon Drago-Express
{{WIcon/Map|type=canoon}} - Map Icon Canoon{{WIcon/Map|type=kama}} - Map Icon Kama{{WIcon/Map|type=clover}} - Map Icon Clover {{WIcon/Map|type=tree}} - Map Icon Tree
{{WIcon/Map|type=mug}} - Map Icon Mug{{WIcon/Map|type=pick}} - Map Icon Pick{{WIcon/Map|type=phoenix}} - Map Icon Phoenix{{WIcon/Map|type=cave}} - Map Icon Mine
{{WIcon/Map|type=tower}} - Map Icon Dungeon

Miscellaneous templates:

{{WIcon/Gui|type=angr}} - Icon Angrrr{{WIcon/Gui|type=c}} - Craft{{WIcon/Gui|type=k}} - Kama
{{WIcon/Gui|type=doll}} - Icon Doll{{WIcon/Gui|type=totem}} - Icon Totem{{WIcon/Gui|type=caster}} - Icon Caster
{{WIcon/Gui|type=glyph}} - Icon Glyph{{WIcon/Gui|type=armor}} - Icon Armor{{WIcon/Gui|type=fighter}} - Icon Fighter
{{WIcon/Gui|type=invisible}} - Icon Invisible{{WIcon/Gui|type=back}} - Icon Back{{WIcon/Gui|type=side}} - Icon Side

Monster Templates

Monster box template



Item template

There is only one template used for all items.

For details, see Template:ItemWrap.


Note: Italic X on last lines represent number, from 1 to 7.

Equipment Set Template

For details, see Template:Equipment_Set

{{Equipment Set

Spell Templates

Introduction (class spells only)



The navbox templates currently available for use are:

Other navboxes are about things that will not change such as nations and classes, as such do not need to be used.