The Wa Wabbit Machine is a Token Machine that used to be found at the entrance to the Wa Wabbit's Castle.

This machine uses Tokens from the Wa Wabbit's Castle.

Token Exchange

Linked Nettlez Fragment1 Nettlez Fragment
Linked Nettlez Fragment7 Wa Wabkens
Beltstwap16 Wa Wabkens
Guawd Helmet 62 Wa Wabkens
Gauwd Epaulettes
Gauwd Cloak
Guawd Toga
Little Guawd Helmet63 Wa Wabkens
Well-Guawded Cape 65 Wa Wabkens
Duwandil66 Wa Wabkens
Wingbot70 Wa Wabkens
Wobotic Back-up Undewweaw 71 Wa Wabkens
Wobot Glasses
Wa Wabbit's Awmbands
Wo Shield
Used Wo-Boots
Wobot Medal
The Wa's Scepter
Wa Wabbit's Corset
Wa Wabbit's Cloak
Wa Wabbit Shoulder Pads
Loayl Guawd Talisman264 Wa Wabkens
Woboots 283 Wa Wabkens
Wa Wabbit's Cwown
Wa Wamulet
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