Vital TransferVital Transfer

Class: Sidekick
Monster:Drop Knight
Type: Support Active

Element NeutralSmall
3Action point 1Wakfu point

1 - 3Range ModNo LoS
AoE:Single Cell

"Harnessing the power of Water and directing it at an enemy, Drop Knight lets the next attackers to draw from the target's vital energy and hold on to it, effectively amounting to a Health Steal."

For the next 5 attacks:

  • - Transfers 30% of lost HP to the attacker
  • - The attack distance must be 4 cells or less

If Icon Caster 2nd - Air:

  • -1 MP (150%)

If Icon Caster2nd - Fire:

  • - Damage Penalty (+150 Lvl.)

If Icon Caster 2nd - Earth:

  • - Resistance Penalty (+100 Lvl.)
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