Vital InfluxVital Influx

Class: Sidekick
Monster:Drop Knight
Unlock level: 200
Type: Attack/Heal

Element WaterMedium
4Action point 1Movement point

1 - 3Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"By concentrating the water's energy on a precise point, the Drop Knight can set off a vital influx which revigorate all the creatures present in a large area."

8*If Icon Caster2nd - Air:

  • - PushesIcon Enemy 2 cells

If Icon Caster 2nd - Fire:

  • - Damage Bonus (+75 Lvl.)Area Circle on Icon Ally

If Icon Caster2nd - Earth:

  • - Resistance Bonus (+50 Lvl.) on Icon Ally
  • Heals 52 HP Element WaterMediumArea Circle
  • Heals 52 HP ( Element AirMedium or Element AirMedium or Element FireMedium )
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