Victoly Amulet
Lvl. 135


Tradeable Icon
Victoly Amulet

Defensive Rune Slot
Defensive Rune Slot

"In childhood, Lenald children learn to make the sign of Victoly, and this amulet is a testament to their gesturing expertise."

When Equipped:

  • +1 AP
  • +123 HP
  • +3% Critical Hits
  • +40% damage for 3 random elements
  • +20% Close Combat Damage
  • +20 Resist.


Dropped By


Victoly Amulet is a reference to the word "Victory", pronounced on the way Wabbit Island inhabitants would pronounce the words. As the discription says ...Lenald children..., we already know that Lenald is one of the creatures of Wabbit Island.

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