Spell Sadi VaporizeVaporize

Class: Sadida
Unlock level: 0
Type: Attack

Element WaterMedium
2Action point

1-4Range ModRange Icon
AoE:Single cell

"A refreshing minor spell which inflicts Water-type damage. The Sadida can cast this spell on a Doll to control its turn - provided it isn't in the Nettled or Sic 'Em More states."


State Controlled


Lvl. 1

This state doesn't stack

This Doll is controlled by another soul.

The Sadida takes direct control of his Doll.
  • if Doll Icon Doll:
    • Controlled state
    • +1 AP Action point to the Saddia


  • -3(36) HP Element WaterSmall
  • if Seed Icon Seed:
    • Summons a Greedy
    • Controlled state
  • if Doll Icon Doll:
    • Controlled state
    • +1 AP Action point to the Saddia

Spell Information

Although a basic damage spell, Vaporize can be useful to summon a Greedy from a Doll Seed because of its low AP cost. It gives back 1 AP to the Sadida when its used on dolls and seeds in order to give more combos and enable the Sadida to control more dolls at once for advanced strategies.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage27131824
Critical Damage311192736

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