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Vampyro (otherwise known as Wagnar) is the ruler of the town of Katrepat and the former guardian of the shushu Ombrage.


He fell in love with a demon named Ombrage, who was sealed in a magic ring. Wagnar wore the ring that Ombrage was trapped in and her demonic powers transformed the guardian into "Vampyro", causing him to steal the souls of the townspeople to form an army of ghouls. When Yugo's team visits Katrepat town, Vampyro ambushes them with this army of ghouls and kidnaps Evangelyne in order to give Ombrage a body to inhabit. When transformed into Vampyro, he has an unfortunate allergy to Tofus, which eventually becomes his undoing. Afterward, he realized she was merely using him and swore to never fall for her trickery again.




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