• I live in Bonta
  • My occupation is Eni
  • I am male

I am currently on a break from updating the Wakfu wiki. The main reason is Wakfu changes too much, I have rewritten some sections three times other sections of the game has been completely removing making those contribution to this wiki a waste of time at present. Once Wakfu has calmed down on changing everything then I will come back to edited.

The Wakfu wiki will always be superior to the other various websits becuase of how much information it can store and easily find. Wakfu is in the process of adding massive amounts to the game which makes keeping up to date a difficult task but we will be trirumptant eventually.

Since Wakfu has been released and I love it, and like all things that are possible to love its not perfect.

IGN: JerryDB Eni Lv Hax

Rage Against The Stasis (Guild Leader)

The Wakfu Guild Alliance (Leader)

Ran the most amount of player events on the Remington server click here to read more .

Ran with Ankama the official meet and Greet 2013 click here for more I am the person with the blue hat. I have my own youtube channel beware its pretty insane

My major contributions (to date on this wiki):-

The current look of the main page e.g. split into the various sections

The catrgory equipment by effects

The token and token machine

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