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Class: Ecaflip
Unlock level: 2
Type: Attack

Element WaterMedium
4 Action point 1 Movement point

2-3Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"The hysterical Ecaflip charges forward, scratching all enemies it passes and finishing with a double scratch in front of it."


  • Deals 3(67) Damage Element WaterSmall to non-targeted cells;
  • Deals 6(134) Damage Element WaterSmall to targeted cell.


  • Deals 4(83) Damage Element WaterSmall to non-targeted cells;
  • Deals 8(167) Damage Element WaterSmall to targeted cell

Spell Information

Charges the enemy in a line, damaging all enemies that are in the way and dealing double that damage to the enemy in the targeted cell.

Spell Progression (damage done to targeted cell)

Effect Damage63870102134
Critical Damage84787127167

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