This article contains content that has been removed from the game as of patch 1.42 "All Hands to Kelba" and replaced with Plaguing Arrow and is only kept for historical purposes.

Spell Cra UnbeaconUnbeacon

Class: Cra
Unlock level: 3
Type: Support

Element NeutralSmall
1(0)Action point

1 - 4(7)Range ModLv>8No LoSRange Icon
AoE:Single cell

"The Cra destroys one of his Beacons, which explodes. Figters in its area of effect suffer a damage penalty. The Cra also has a chance of recovering one Wakfu Point. Used on an enemy, this spell actives the Riddled state."
  • 1 Use per turn


  • On Beacon
    • Destroys targeted Beacon
    • Beacon AoE: -2(20)% Damage
    • 2(20)% chance: Recovers 1 WP
  • On Riddled enenmy:

Spell Information

Destroys a beacon in exchange for damage reduction in the beacon's AoE and a chance to recover the WP spent to make a beacon. Damage reduction on enemys last for 1 turn. When targetting a riddled enemy, it actives the state and produces the Pinned Down state on the target.

Spell Progression

AP Cost 10
Max Range4445556667
Line of Sight YesNo
WP recovery chance%2468101214161820

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