The Trool Fair is a theme park located on Ga Ga Island. It has many attractions for visitors to not have any kind of fun whatsoever.

Attractions with Challenges

The attractions with Challenges are as follows:

Rock-Paper-Scissors Contest

Rock paper scissor masters

(From left to right) The rock paper scissors masters

Get ready to take on the Rock-Paper-Scissors masters, flocking from far and wide to battle it out for the precious Ecaflip lucky charm up for grabs: Badoul's Die."

One-armed bandit

One-Armed Bandit

Playing gold rush

Gold Rush

Make them pay for all those wisecrackles about your diminutive stature! Take a step into the life of a miner. Mine gold and see if you come across any Bronze Tokens or even better, the World-famous Bum Sack."

Playing enotruf game

Enutrof Game

Dig your heels in and free the Enutrof hodden within! if you, too, fancy winning a hyper flex ring that you've dug out yourself, the wait is over! and over a token to get started."

Playing trool stocks

Trool Stocks

Revenge is sweet... Clout Ogrest right in the kisses your skill will be rewarded by recognition in the essential art of pie throwing."

Playing quaquack pond

Quaquack Pond

Spectators, Make some noise, as we sort the men from the boys; in the Quaquack challenge set, the best man will win a Pet!"

Playing cupe 'em all

Cupe 'Em All

Here were born beautiful love stories between man and beast. Take part in the war for peace, love, freedom, flowers, delicious sauces, and the Love Mask."

Playing dark vlad's maze

Dark Vlad's Maze

Lurkibg in the corners of the haunted forest, he waits, carefully watching his prey, thirsty for blood... But who is he? Dark Vlad himsel. Find him as soon as possible and you'll be rewarded with an impressive replica of his legendary sword."


  • Occassionally, a fake dark Vlad will appear in the labyrinth which drop a Dark Vlad Costume. This is purely random and cannot be influenced.

Playing dopple dopple revulution

Dopple Dopple Revolution

Dare you enter this manor and seek the secret of Dopple Doplle Revolution? Ready for a dance duel to the death? As a reward, you'll learn the art of dancing! Ha... Thought that might catch your attention!."

Playing gravedigger game

Gravedigger Game

Stop laughing, the prize rules! Will you be perceptive enough to unearth the hidden treasure. in this cemetery? i don't think so, but i could be wrong..."

Playing moon-cannon


Fly to new horizons and calibrate your landing with voluptuous finesse. They say it's not hard to fall if you float like a cannonball. a Citronana Cloak for he who gets it smack on."

Show Attractions

Magic Show

„Exclusively for the Trool Fair, the great magician Sadid Whoppershield and his willoey assistant present their brand new tricks. A treemendous show! Showing every ten minutes"

  • Costs 5 Kama

Mystic Moe's

  • Costs 5 Kama


  • Costs 5 Kama

Ghostof Mansion

  • Costs 5 Kama


  • if you use the be scared Emote in front of the bone pile near the entrance, A level 60 Spektra will show up, you'll obtain a Spektral Costume if you successfully defeat him.

Tunnel of Love

Tunnel of love secret star
  • Costs 5 Kama


  • On the right wall inside the tunnel is a small star hidden. Upon clicking it you enter a secret room. Now stand before the poster and use the harp emote, A level 30 Cupiddlypants will show, you'll obtain a Cupiddlypants Costume if you successfully defeat him.
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