Traps are placed on the ground at the time of casting, and usually remain there indefinitely until someone walks onto their Trigger Area. When this happens, the person who triggered it, and anyone else within the Area of Effect, will suffer the trap's effects. Traps occupy Command so you cannot have too many on the field at once.

Trap List

IopElement EarthSmallImpactDamage after 1 turn
SramElement WaterSmallIcy Trap Damage, Freeze
Element FireSmallExploding Trap Large AoE Damage
Element AirSmallTricky Trap Damage, no LoS
Element NeutralSmall Repulsive Trap Damage, Push
Element NeutralSmallChoker Trap Sleep, Confusion, -Initiative
Element NeutralSmall Chilling Trap Initiative, -MP
XelorElement WaterSmallTime Rift -Initiative, -AP

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