There are four different ways to travel between areas:

  • Canoon: costs one Canoon Powder per use and can only be used to travel between Nations
  • Zaap: costs 2 Kamas and can be used to travel to any other Zaap
  • Boat: costs vary depending on location and the destinations are limited
  • Drago-Express: free to use, but can only be used to travel inside a Nation

Once a Zaap has been saved, it can be used to travel for 2 Kamas. Zaaps exist on each of a Nation's trade bridge and there is also one in each of the Nation's highest level area. These can be used to visit other nation.

However before you have saved a Zaap in another nation you need to use a canoon (at the cost of one Canoon Powder) to ravell to another nation. You will be shot to a random location in the nation of choise.

Within the Nation you can travel by Drago-Express once u have previously discovered it's location. The travel cost is free and like Zaaps you need to have save them before you can travel to it.

To reach neutral islands you need to travel by Boat. Travel price differs depending on destination and can be as high as 20 Kamas for the first trip. To get back from the island you can use the Home to Mummy duck ring which is free, but it will take you to your home Nation.

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