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Toxine is a demigoddess daughter of the god Sram and a member of the The Siblings.




Season 3

She first appears, helping kidnap Evangelyne and Floppin.


Toxine is sly, deceptive, and possibly deranged as she is a sadist, enjoying the pain and suffering of others. Her vicious nature puts her at odds with the rest of the Siblings.

Despite the wishes and orders of her leader, Oropo, she has no qualms in going behind his back simply to satisfy her own wants and she is so vengeful that she would seek payback upon a pregnant woman, Evangelyne, for any perceived slight against her.

She is a self-admitting psychopath, taking a despicable pleasure in torturing Eva, Flopin, and even Echo.

Her arrogance becomes her undoing however her final act before her downfall was a last-ditch attempt on Eva's life that could very well have killed her and her baby had it not been for Flopin and Echo.


Invisibility - Toxxine demonstrated the ability to turn herself invisible in her debut when she and Poo attacked the Sadlygrove family to kidnap the children and Evangelyne

Spikes - Toxxine can extend spike-like blades from her wrist, using them both as melee weapons and launching them like projectiles. These spikes crackle with a green electricity and Toxxine herself implied they are poison.

Well of Shadows - Toxxine can summon a Sram phenomenon called the Well of Shadows, which appears as a dark green swirling abyss. Not much is known about it but Lady Echo was terrified of being thrown into it, and Toxxine even stated once you fall in you never come out, implying it's possibly a fate worse than death

Semi-Immortality - As a demigoddess, Toxxine can potentially live forever but is still susceptible to death