Toxine Costume
Lvl. 1


This item can be traded
Toxine Costume.png

"This costume is perfect for terrorizing the neighborhood children whenever they come asking for candy."

With the Ouginaks to confront, half-measures are out of the question! Half-pints will be slurped up lickety-lick unless… unless they get some help from a half-, err, demigoddess! Feel free to call on Toxine, daughter of Sram, to show that you aren't just a sidekick.

How? You aren't in direct contact with her? No problem! There's always someone more roguish than you! Put on the Toxine Costume and pray to Saint Kibble that your opponents fall for it.

Easy peasy: The costume is in the Toxine Pack that accompanies the new update!


This costume is obtained by buying the Toxine Pack on the original website.


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