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The Tower of Dreams is the home and base of operations for the Siblings aka the Brotherhood of the Forgotten, exisiting in a pocket dimension created by Oropo.

It is a vast and titanic tower magical in nature, and consists of twelve floors, each home to one of the members of the Siblings who are meant to replace their godly parents.

To enter the bottom floor, one must solve a clock puzzle.

The bottom floor is home to Mishell, a demigoddess daughter of Osamodas

The next floor was meant for the Iop member but was occupied by Dark Vlad, a dark alternate personality of Master Goultard, to serve as a challenge to the Brotherhood of the Tofu, as Oropo desires Elely to be the next Iop Goddess.

The next floor was the Ecaflip Floor, occupied by Ush Galesh

Above is the Feca Floor, occupied by Black Bump

Next is the Enutrof Floor which is occupied by Arpagone but really meant for Ruel.

After that is the Sadida Floor, occupied by Dathura

The order of the floors onward is unknown but Lady Echo's Eniripsa Floor was supposed to be directly above the Cra Floor that was meant for Flopin. Instead, Toxxine somehow disgusied her Sram Floor as the Cra Floor.

There should also be a Sacrier Floor where dwells the Sacrier demigoddess Kali, a Pandawa Floor that belongs to Pandawa demigod Poo, and pressumably a Xelor Floor for Count Harebourg who was seen still frozen in ice by Echo for his earlier transgressions.