Note: As of version 1.01 tools have been removed from the game and are not longer used, the bonus's that certain tools gave you are now acquired by certain consumable items.

Tools are a type of equipment that are used for some harvesting profession actions. The basic tool of each profession is given by the associated Clan Members.

The tools available in the game are:

Bonuses Farmer Herbalist Lumberjack Miner Trapper Fisherman
No bonus ScytheScythe Used BillhookUsed Billhook Wooden AxeWooden Axe PickPick Blunt CutlassBlunt Cutlass Fishing RodFishing Rod
10% Profession Bonus Novice ScytheNovice Scythe Esk BillhookEsk Billhook LumberjaxeLumberjaxe Goldigger's AxeGoldigger's Axe Coonan CutlassCoonan Cutlass Wooden Fishing RodWooden Fishing Rod
?% Profession Bonus Rikro ScytheRikro Scythe ?? ?? ?The Right Pick ?? ??

Note: The better fishing rods add more range instead of percentage bonuses.

The Fire of Love is also a tool, though it is not used by any profession, instead it is used as a lantern.

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