Found in at the entrance of every dungeon and Ultimate Boss area, Token Machines allow players to trade in tokens obtained by clearing the related content in order to get equipment.

Dungeon Token Exchanges

Image Token Name Dungeon Token Machine
Gobbken Gobbken Gobball Dungeon Gobball Machine
Ugtoken Ugtoken Miss Ugly Tower Ugly Machine
Mushdkitoken Mushdkitoken Tsu's Palace Mushdskito Machine
Montoken Monkoken The Undieworld Monk Machine
Boowolfken Boowolfken Lunar Altar Boowolf Machine
Croboken Croboken Kab-Cave Crobak Machine
Kokokoken Kokokoken Kokokobana Kokoko Machine
Chafoken Chafoken Morbax Neplopolis Chafer Machine
Snappken Snappken The Snaptrap Snapper Machine
Blibloken Blibloken The Boarthroom Blibli Machine
Scaraken Scaraken Abandoned Scarapit Scara Machine
Planken Planken Sureberry Fields Plant Machine
Piwitoken Piwitoken Hoola Hoopiwi Piwi Machine
Tofoken Tofoken Tofuhouse Tofu Machine
Celestial Gobbken Celestial Gobbken Celestial Ark Celestial Gobball Machine
Amak-Riktoken Amak-Riktoken Amakna Riktus Dungeon Amakna Riktus Machine
Bont-Riktoken Bont-Riktoken Bonta Riktus Dungeon Bonta Riktus Machine
Brak-Riktoken Brak-Riktoken Brakmar Riktus Dungeon Brakmar Riktus Machine
Sufok-Riktoken Sufok-Riktoken Sufokia Riktus Dungeon Sufokia Riktus Machine
Elite Riktoken Elite Riktoken Elite Riktus Dungeon Riktus Elite Machine
Vampoken Vampoken Wagnar's Castle Vampyre Machine
Treetoken Treetoken Treechnid Dungeon Treechnid Machine
Sharkoken Sharkoken Shark Slipway Shark Machine
Cracktoken Cracktoken Crackler Dungeon? Crackler Machine
Mollusoken Mollusoken Mollusky Dungeon Mollusky Machine

Astrub Dungeon Token Exchanges

Image Token Name Dungeon Token Machine
Bowmeowken Bowmeowken Grandmeow's House Bow Meow Machine
Destiny Token Destiny Token House of Destiny Destiny Machine
Respite Token Respite Token House of Respite Respite Machine
Trouble Token Trouble Token House of Trouble Trouble Machine
Larvoken Larvoken Larventura Larva Machine

Ultimate Boss Token Exchanges

Image Token Name Boss Token Machine
Black Crow Token Black Crow Token Black Crow Black Crow Machine
Excarnus Token Excarnus Token Excarnus Excarnus Machine
Magmog Token Magmog Token Magmog the Gobbalrog Magmog the Gobbalrog Machine
Milkar Token Milkar Token Milkar the Moowolf Milkar the Moowolf Machine

Other Token Exchanges

Image Token Name Token Machine
Candy Token Candy Token Subadub Machine: Candy
Little Round Token Little Round Token Subadub Machine: Sets
Almoken Almoken Almanax Machine

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