The Three Pistes' Cave is located in each nation's village:


Required level: 18


Room 1
Three Pistes Cave Room 1
Room 2
Three Pistes Cave Room 2
Room 3

Three Pistes Cave Room 3

Extra Room
  • Sacrier Brewer (Lvl. 80)
  • Eniripsa Brewer (Lvl. 80)
  • Sram Brewer (Lvl. 80)
  • Iop Brewer (Lvl. 80)
  • Strof (Lvl. 100)
  • Ghoto (Lvl. 100)

Extra Room


Upon defeating the boss, a chest appears which contains the Three Pistes' Cave Haven Bag decoration trophy.

The root beer pump at the end of the dungeon contains a limited number of 6 bottles. Each nation's Three Pistes' Cave pump awards a different drink when used:

It seems that you must be of the same nation as the dungeon to pump the root beer?

The drinks only differ in name, each having the same cosmetic effect upon usage.


This dungeon features the following achievements:


  • After defeating the boss, if the player's pet is brought here, it will go in front of the Root Beer Pump(All pets) and animate(Gemlin only). This only happens in the Easy Dungeon.
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