Professor Grobid-Kwaan Kelnoobi will ask a series of questions. It will require three correct answers in order to succeed.

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Question 1 :

  • What is the subtitle of the Boxford Dictationary vol. XXXVI ?
    You want more definitions, there you go. (3)
  • What is the subtitle of the volume II of World of Twelve Cartographie?
    Amakna. (6)
  • What is the subtitle of the copy of the Gobbowlium Codex ?
    The whole of Gobbowl since its creation. (1)
  • What is the subtitle of the Spherolithic Encyclopedia ?
    Radius, circumference and sinusoidality. (4)
  • What is the subtitle of volume XXII of Exotic Zoomonology ?
    Taxonomy of Wabbits (5)

Question 2 :

  • What book bears the subtitle “Blades and tears” ?
    History of Brakmar vol. IV. (2)
  • What book bears the subtitle “Ogrest’s Cult and Dathura’s Sisters” ?
    Cult Compendium vol. XI. (6)
  • What book bears the subtitle “Kings and Disquiet” ?
    Bonta Arkaeology vol. V. (1)
  • What book bears the subtitle “Mimic mimics” ?
    Mimic Encyclopedia volume III. (4)
  • What book bears the subtitle “From sand to copper” ?
    Sufokia Emerged. (3)

Question 3 :

  • What scandal was caused by the review Anthropology Illustrated – year 33 n°42 ?
    Many enlightened people’s Aperirel fish pushed them to rip out an eye, to see if the socket held the secret of the universe. (2)
  • What is Chronicles of the Gray Moon volume XIV about ?
    Vissemeryd, cursed by the Emperor of the Gray Moon, is forced to eat nothing but fresh tuna, otherwise he’ll get horrific stomach cramps. (6)
  • From Incarnam to Externam tells a wonderful story. What is it about ?
    It talks about the sometimes romantic journey of an ordinary Twelvian : his everyday life, his death, his trek through Krosmoz, and his reincarnation. (1)
  • In the Summary of Ogrest’s Chaos News, what does the subtitle refer to ?
    The news was written at the start of Ogrest’s Chaos, a long time ago, and it was carried by the current of Ogrest’s tears. (3)
  • What is Sufokia Arkaeology vol. I about ?
    The author tries to make us think about the possible existence of an underwater present-day Sufokian Empire. (4)

A list of books that are found in the IUB Library:

  • Chronicles of the Gray Moon volume XIV ... Vissemeryd and the Tuna's hunger
  • Sufokia Arkaeology vol I ... The Sufokian Empire - Myth or reality?
  • Summary of Ogrest's Chaos News ... News that isn't fresh, yet remains tear-jerking
  • Cult Compendium vol XI ... Ogrest's Cult and Dathura's Sisters
  • Mimic Encyclopedia vol III ... Mimic mimics
  • Sufokia Emerged ... From sand to copper
  • Boxford Dictionary vol XXXVI ... You want more definitions, there you go
  • Bonta Arkaeology vol V ... Kings and Disquiet
  • Exotic Zoomologie volume XXII ... Wabbit Taxonomy
  • Gobbowlium Codex copy ... Gobbowl throughout its history
  • Spherolithic Encyclopedia ... Radius, circumference, and sinusoidality
  • Anthrolopology Illustrated Aperirel 972 - year 33 n42 ... The secret of the universe in your eye socket
  • From Incarnam to Externam ... The Life of an Ordinary Twelvian
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