Otomai's Disciple

Series of quests given by Otomai's Disciple. Each of them requires you to kill certain dungeon bosses, and bring back resources from them.

Ultimate reward is Otomai's Disciple Armor, and title: Hunter Emeritus.

NPC Location

Otomai's Disciple can be found next to the Otomai Disciple Camp, at -5, -3 Astrub.

Quest Description

The disciple of Otomai who’s in Astrub just now has offered you a crazy quest that requires you to collect resources from different monsters around the World of Twelve. Give him what he asks for and he’ll reward you handsomely.

Quest Progress

Table below displays each quest's level, experience reward, boss to kill and resources required.

# Lvl Exp/Reward Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4
I 20 20,445 Royal Gobball - 1x Royal Wool Royal Tofu - 1x Royal Tofu Feather Shin Larva - 1x Shin Larva Leg N/A
II 35 Royal Piwi -

1x Royal Piwi Feather

Morfor -

1x Morfor Horn

Carnivorous Plant - 5x Dry Branches Tsu Tsu Tsar -

5x Tsar Tsar Horn

III 45 285,305 Ancestral Treechnid - 10x Ancestral Treechnid Barks Royal Crackler - 10x Ginger Goatees Thork the Bwork Chef - 2x Thork's Gobball Horns Royal Crab - 10x Royal Pincers
IV 50 432,270 Kill Hairy Moon - 

2x Lunar Tears


15x Kokordial

Royal Crackler

15x Ginger Goatee

Royal Whirlgig

15x Whirlisphere

V 55 637,205 Royal Shark

20x Wounded Fin

Great Wild Gobbal

4x Wild Totem

Ancestral Treechnid

20x Ancestral Treechnid Bark

Royal Puddly

20x Puddle Royale

VI 60 849,205 Royal Moogr

25x Royal Moogr Mimilk


5x Deadly Horn

Royal Crab

25x Royal Pincer

Thork the Bwork Chief

5x Thork's Gobbal Horn

VII 75 1,665,555 Rascal, the Drheller Leader

25x Rascal Fang

Hairy Moon

5x Lunar Tear


5x Ratatoni Cheese

Baddoboss, chief of the Riktus Elite

25x Chief Riktus Cloth

VIII 85 2,560,905 Krobot K-800

6x Blue Star

Black Widow

30x Widow Rump


6x Ectoplasm Prism

Celestial Strich

30x Celestial Strich Beak

IX 100 5,524,065 Pearly Bilbimussel

7x Disco Pearl

Brrrbley Spears

35x Brrrbley Spears Leather


7x Dark Purple

Bilby Queen

7x Chomped Jelly Emperor Jellix 7x Royal Jelly

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