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The Boarthroom Map


The Boarthroom is found in Kara.


Required Key: Blibli Key


Room 1 The Boarthroom room 1
Room 2 The Boarthroom room 2
Room 3 The Boarthroom room 3
Room 4 The Boarthroom room 4
Room 5 The Boarthroom room 5

Optional Mini-boss

If the party goes to the south in room 3 (you do not have to kill the creatures in room 3 to access this mini-boss) and puts 5 Hazel Wood in the offering a portal will open for entry to the mini-bosses chambers. Fighting this mini-boss does not affect the flow of the rest of the dungeon.

Optional Mini-boss The Boarthroom room optional miniboss


Each player receives one Blibloken and can take the boat back to the dungeon entry.


This dungeon awards the Diabli achievement.


The mimik here has a chance to give a Postit Cloak The chest is located in the optional mini-boss room, requiring 2 mimikibbles to open.

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